Day 210-216

Day 210 – 216 The week after my grandpa died was tough. Not because of grief as such, I wish I could say it was that, that would make it easier to write about. On the Monday I had an interview with a local call centre for a bank (I think I mentioned the telephone […]

Day 158

Day 158 It was the man-shape’s gran’s funeral today. It was an early start to a long day. It was emotional. I’m exhausted. Look after your families. Call someone you don’t talk to often. Sure, families can drive us nuts but we can also be good support for each other. Two wonderful gran’s gone have […]

Day 151

Day 151 I had an important meeting today. I had a meeting with business gateway, they are a government funded organisation that helps give support and advice to people starting out in business for the first time. I was talking to the adviser about being a self employed sign language interpreter. As well as talking […]

Day 150

Day 150 Long time readers of this blog will be aware that my boyfriend’s gran has been battling illness for some time now. I am very sad typing this. We lost her today. The world has lost a very special woman. I was treated as part of her family from the very beginning. She made […]

Day 147

Day 147 Not sure what to tell you today. I’ve spent time with the man-shape today. It had been nice although I was still a bit down about yesterdays interview failure. Bad news on a sunny day. When you get bad news on a sunny day it doesn’t seem real some how. I have mentioned […]

Day 97

Day 97 Today has been tough. The man-shape’s gran is still holding on but that is hard for all of us. It is sad and causing us all strain as we each deal with things the best we know how. And we all deal with these things differently. Because I am also feeling not at […]

Day 96

Day 96 I’m really not in the mood for blogging tonight. I have spent this evening in the hospital with my partner waiting for news of his gran. She’s still holding on but it’s nearly time for her to go. She’s my family too. I love her and I hope that she isn’t suffering as […]

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