Day 231 – 237

Day 231 to 237 Quiet week. And how glad I am of that! This is the last week before I will find myself working for myself a few days out of each week. I spent some of the week going back and forth with Disclosure Scotland (the people who do police checks in Scotland). I […]

Day 205

Day 205 Another day spent with a friend means another refreshing reset to the outlook. This particular friend is someone I admire very much, she goes for what she wants and what she wants is rarely conventional. She has a love of science and maths and that means the jobs she pursues often involve passing […]

Day 131

Day 131 I wish I had lots to blog about today but I really don’t. This has been such a quiet day and I’ve done very little. It has been relaxing and all but I really need to do more. My start’itus has continued with a new crochet project (still haven’t finished the last one.). […]

Day 121

Day 121 Today I had my last relaxed bit of freedom. Sure I freaked out a little when I checked the bank balance and wasn’t sure when it would next be replenished but there is no point in panicking. So today I had fun. I have now seen The Avengers. I totally loved it. It […]

Day 86

Day 86 I love sunny days! They help with everyone’s mood. People seem a little more patient and I notice even in myself that it takes that little bit more to send me over the edge. I went for a walk at lunch time today to try and soak up some of that vitamin D. […]

Day 58

Day 58 This evening has been really fun! I spent most of tonight chatting to friends on Ravelry. We had what can only really be described as a pyjama party! A couple of us were painting our nails and we were sharing photos of ourselves and families. We are a pretty good looking group of […]

Day 49

Day 49 Today has been a mixed bag. It started by going to the post office to pick up a random act of kindness parcel. Inside were two Tunisian crochet hooks, one a small size and one slightly larger. I’m looking forward to trying Tunisian crochet. I went to the knitting group at my local […]

Day 36

Day 36 I have had a lazy day. It has been both long and quick. That sounds daft I’m sure but this morning seems like forever ago without the day dragging at all. I spent most of the day in front of the laptop chatting in the Nerd Wars group chat room. I was knitting […]

Day 34

Day 34 Not much to tell you tonight, like I said yesterday, things are sort of put on hold for a couple of days. I’ve finished the second first mitt (if you know what I mean). It’s actually not as good as the first attempt knitting wise but the sizing is much better. I’m thinking […]

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