Day 189

Day 189 Late post again. I guess that is what happens when I actually live my life, I forget to tell you about it. Day 189 was a surprise, the man-shape and I had a spontaneous late celebration of our anniversary (7 years last month). I had picked him up and we were on our […]

Day 121

Day 121 Today I had my last relaxed bit of freedom. Sure I freaked out a little when I checked the bank balance and wasn’t sure when it would next be replenished but there is no point in panicking. So today I had fun. I have now seen The Avengers. I totally loved it. It […]

Day 120

Day 120 Some things go to plan. Some things don’t. Today I spent in Edinburgh. I love Edinburgh, even when it’s cold and windy (which is most of the time). While in Edinburgh I finished the socks! I am really pleased with that. It is strange how much yarn I have left over though. I’ll […]

Day 119

Day 119 Quiet day today. I got some tidying up done. My flat has descended into near chaos over the last couple of weeks. It’s nice to bring back some order. It didn’t take long for either the kitchen or bedroom to look presentable. The living room is going to be the pain. There is […]

Day 88

Day 88 The Hunger Games Disclaimer – If you have not read the book or seen the film you might not want to read this blog post. There WILL be spoilers. (edit after writing – not too many actually!) Okay, first, the book. I LOVED this book. I didn’t really know what to expect going […]

Day 67

Day 67 I’m just back from seeing the muppets for a second time. There are so many things I love about that movie. The songs are very catchy, the dialogue is funny and it has one of my very favourite themes. I love films where someone has a moment where they realise their own potential. […]

Day 60

Day 60 Strange day, it’s the day we don’t get very often. February 29th. Work day was stressful but I put that all aside and as part of giving myself a break week I went with my mum to see The Muppet movie. Do yourself a favour, go and see this movie!! We went to […]

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