Day 195

Day 195 Friday the friggin’ 13th! Normally I have no issues with Friday the 13th. Friday is just a day, 13 is just a number. But today has been, now I’m looking at it from the end of the day, hilarious. My day started with an appointment at the clinic, it was that time again, […]

Day 179

Day 179 Feeling all better today. I had a bit of a spa morning with face pack and pampering. That was fun. I had a rubbish afternoon though. I had a bored afternoon. I had plenty I could have done but no bloomin’ motivation to do anything. I used all my motivation up before lunchtime […]

Day 173

Day 173 Today was a mostly knitting day. Regular plans are still all over the place while I wait for my registration to be sorted out. I really wish they would hurry up and let me know what is happening so I can get on and start self-employed life. Anyway, knitting, I got the leg […]

Day 170

Day 170 Well, I am already starting to feel better. I spent most of today with the man-shape and never has it been more needed (for both of us I think). We talked about the business we want to run some day and were talking proper concrete plans. The hardest part by far will be […]

Day 168

Day 168 I have an apology to make. Between upload issues and general life stuff this blog has not delivered what was promised for a couple of weeks now. Here is a moment of honesty: I am finding things hard just now. I am not used to feeling useless. I know I am not useless, […]

Day 165/166

Day 165 & 166 I am still having a couple of issues with posting to the blog. Hopefully this will post. I have spent the last couple of days working on business plans. It feels really good taking charge of my future, but goodness me, so much of it is out of my control. I’m […]

Day 151

Day 151 I had an important meeting today. I had a meeting with business gateway, they are a government funded organisation that helps give support and advice to people starting out in business for the first time. I was talking to the adviser about being a self employed sign language interpreter. As well as talking […]

Day 149

Day 149 I spent huge portions of today procrastinating. Why do we do it to ourselves? Instead of just biting the bullet and getting the stuff we don’t want to do done. I have gotten much better at anti-procrastination lately but with my latest skills test… I just didn’t want to do it for some […]

Day 145

Day 145 What a quick but relaxing day! I’ve spent pretty much all day with the man-shape and it was lovely. We had sunshine, we’ve had hugs, we’ve had laughs. And to top it all off, I have an interview tomorrow. I need to go for an early night, make sure I’m fresh and help […]

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