Day 145

Day 145 What a quick but relaxing day! I’ve spent pretty much all day with the man-shape and it was lovely. We had sunshine, we’ve had hugs, we’ve had laughs. And to top it all off, I have an interview tomorrow. I need to go for an early night, make sure I’m fresh and help […]

Day 142

Day 142 Today, Monday, start of a new week, and start of a fresh attempt and “no excuses”. By this I mean taking a task and following it through to completion. Attempting to not procrastinate. That meant a morning spent recovering from being up till 2am to meet a 9am submission deadline (I’m trying my […]

Day 87

Day 87 I haven’t given you a photo filled post for a little while. I intend to fix that today. Scotland is having something of a heatwave the last few days and it is meant to last a few more (please please hold out till my birthday on Monday!! That would be amazing). Today at […]

Day 62

Day 62 Long day… Work went quickly (half day Fridays usually do.) I spent some time with the man-shape. The evening has been spent getting to grips with the granny squares I am wanting to make a blanket from. I have done the first 4 and I’m working on number 5 just now. While I […]

Day 4

Day 4 What a day. Part of me doesn’t want to relive it to post here, but that is what I set out to do. What I planned yesterday has mostly happened but not in the order I intended it to be. I got up (later than intended) I remembered the dry-body-brushing, I did the […]

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