Day 181

Day 181 I’ve been working behind the scenes on the blog/website today. Nothing you’ll really notice at this stage but I feel like I’ve accomplished something none the less. I’ve been putting off that job for weeks but no more procrastination. That little burst came in spite of fighting off extreme tiredness most of the […]

Day 98

Day 98 Allowing myself a break led to a 10 hour sleep last night. Amazingly I still woke up groggy. I haven’t done much today. I didn’t even leave my flat. I have all but finished the first sock!! I haven’t bound it off because I want my mum to try it on for size […]

Day 79

Day 79 What a good day, productivity wise! My day started with me putting in a load of washing and packing my gym clothes and lunch into a bag before heading to work. I stopped in at the gym on the way home and for the first time in a long time I really pushed […]

Day 78

Day 78 First, happy mothers day to all the UK mothers. Happy mothers day mum! I like Sundays that are stress free, and today was a stress free Sunday. I got up, spent a bit of time on my appearance (I’m still not a regular make-up wearer by the way) I tidied the kitchen, hoovered […]

Day 77

Day 77 Today has been a bit better than yesterday. I cleared my desk! I haven’t sorted out the paperwork again yet but I now have space on the desk to write, or sew or do other crafty things. Basically I ditched a lot of rubbish from that desk and the living room looks clearer […]

Day 69

As holidays go, today has been not bad. I have made a good start on the shawl I am knitting, crocheted a few granny squares, watched more episodes of Buffy season 3, did some washing and tidied the kitchen a bit. I’m a tad hormonal at the moment and something happened today that both angered […]

Day 64

Day 64 I nearly didn’t blog today. I don’t have very much to say. I have spent most of today with the man-shape watching our way through season 7 of House. Later in the evening when I had taken the man-shape back home I watched a few episodes of season 3 Buffy while crocheting squares […]

Day 63

Day 63 A lazy day is about to have a lazy blog post. I didn’t get out of my pjs until about 3pm. I am now up to a total of 15 completed granny squares for my blanket (will keep going till I get bored or run out of yarn in nice colour combinations). I […]

Day 17

Day 17 Today was good. The work laptop decided to behave itself. I’m guessing that was because I brought my own laptop in just in case so it felt threatened, or it was showing off or something. I don’t care what it was, it was working! And it better behave itself again tomorrow without big […]

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