Day 176

Day 176 I promised photos of finished socks and when I make a promise I try to always keep it. Here is the stitch pattern up close. And what is becoming my favourite modelling socks pose… I am proud of them, and I can say after wearing them most of the day, they are comfy […]

Day 165/166

Day 165 & 166 I am still having a couple of issues with posting to the blog. Hopefully this will post. I have spent the last couple of days working on business plans. It feels really good taking charge of my future, but goodness me, so much of it is out of my control. I’m […]

Day 59

Day 59 This evening a spent some time with the man-shape and we laughed a lot. That was special in itself because he had a bad headache again. The two of us drove to the Special Care Baby Unit to drop off the hats that I made. The nurses seemed really happy and it looks […]

Day 33

Day 33 I have a thumping headache today. I think it is because of the lack of sleep. For that reason I am leaving you with the picture of the finished socks (no obvious laddering between needles in sight!) and letting you know that I am moving bedroom week to next week instead of kitchen […]

Day 29

Day 29 Sunday Summary Song of last week Thanks to Nerd Wars I have to say that the summary song of last week has to be Vampire by Antsy Pants. Please go look it up then come back here. That song reminds me of the man-shape and it never ever ever fails to put a […]

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