What I learned while tatting a doily

Guess what everyone? (anyone who already follows me on twitter knows this one already) The Doily is finished! I started this doily back in november 2012. I can’t remember exactly why this started but I do remember how. I have probably mentioned before that I am not the only person who knows how to tat […]

Day 151

Day 151 I had an important meeting today. I had a meeting with business gateway, they are a government funded organisation that helps give support and advice to people starting out in business for the first time. I was talking to the adviser about being a self employed sign language interpreter. As well as talking […]

Day 143

Day 143 Quick day today. It started in a rather lovely way with a present! I had done a karma swap on Ravelry and claimed a Buffy the Vampire Slayer graphic novel. I’m not normally a graphic novel kinda girl, but thanks to the man-shape’s love of all things comic book and graphic novel I […]

Day 130

Day 130 This is really day 129 & day 130. The last couple of days have been both busy and relaxed. Lets start with the less fun part. I have had two visits to the job centre to sort out my job seekers benefit. The first was the initial visit and the second was a […]

Day 116

Day 116 2 days left of my current job and I’m swinging between fear and excitement. Part of me wishes I knew what was coming next and that everything will be fine. Part of me is content to go with the flow and wait for what happens. This is uncertain but I can’t help but […]

Day 114

Day 114 Quiet day today. But I did successfully teach myself (with a lot of help from the ring of tatters) a new tatting technique. I now know how twisted rings work. And I can think of some pretty used for them. Will finish the motif I’m working on for practice tomorrow and post a […]

Day 112

Day 112 Erm… I think I’ve just accidentally started my own business….! Ok, let me start at the beginning. The more into tatting I have been getting, the more it is something I love to do and would love to do more of. That being the case I have considered starting my own business around […]

Day 111

Day 111 Today I sent off another few speculative CVs. I’m hopeful but not putting all my hope on it if you know what I mean. My week of fighting off bugs and not getting enough sleep finally caught up with me. I settled down for a half hour nap and woke up 3 hours […]

Day 108

Day 108 I’m still really tired so I’ll keep this brief. This evening I redid the heel flap on the second sock. It seems to have gone without a hitch. Didn’t want to go any further though, just in case. My head has been thinking about tatting quite a lot over the last couple of […]

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