Day 155

Day 155 I had hoped to have progress pictures of the sock today but I’ve not had so much time because I spent most of today finishing Mockingjay, the third and last of the Hunger Games trilogy. I really enjoyed it (that might not be clear by how long it took me to actually finish). […]

Day 98

Day 98 Allowing myself a break led to a 10 hour sleep last night. Amazingly I still woke up groggy. I haven’t done much today. I didn’t even leave my flat. I have all but finished the first sock!! I haven’t bound it off because I want my mum to try it on for size […]

Day 88

Day 88 The Hunger Games Disclaimer – If you have not read the book or seen the film you might not want to read this blog post. There WILL be spoilers. (edit after writing – not too many actually!) Okay, first, the book. I LOVED this book. I didn’t really know what to expect going […]

Day 84

Day 84 Progress! Sorta. In my quest to long term save money and protect the money I have one thing has become clear to me (that should have been crystal clear all along…) I need to look after the things I own, basic maintenance, and learn basic repairs as I need them. Obvious, right? Link […]

Day 29

Day 29 Sunday Summary Song of last week Thanks to Nerd Wars I have to say that the summary song of last week has to be Vampire by Antsy Pants. Please go look it up then come back here. That song reminds me of the man-shape and it never ever ever fails to put a […]

Day 17

Day 17 Today was good. The work laptop decided to behave itself. I’m guessing that was because I brought my own laptop in just in case so it felt threatened, or it was showing off or something. I don’t care what it was, it was working! And it better behave itself again tomorrow without big […]

Day 9

Day 9 Hello! First thing’s first, I did not do my 15 minutes today. But that is not a fail. I have not stopped since I got in from work. I was exhausted but I haven’t stopped (hence the post being a little later than I have been posting). I cooked a meal using actual […]

Day 2

Day 2 Today was not like yesterday. That seems like a kinda stupid thing to say, what two days are ever truly the same (insert Nine Inch Nails – Everyday is Exactly the Same here…) but bear with me a moment. I have been all motivated and stuff, I know that today I wanted to […]

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