Day 58

Day 58 This evening has been really fun! I spent most of tonight chatting to friends on Ravelry. We had what can only really be described as a pyjama party! A couple of us were painting our nails and we were sharing photos of ourselves and families. We are a pretty good looking group of […]

Day 52

Day 52 I’ve had a bit or a weird day but a good one. I woke up and put washing in the drier and emptied and loaded the dishwasher before leaving for work. Work went quickly. While at work I made a decision about a knitting project I started a long time ago. I have […]

Day 51

Day 51 Today has been fun. I’ve been in front of a laptop all day for work and then I’ve been involved in setting up a new group on Ravelry. I’ve finished knitting my first ever hexipuff (it’s mildly wonky but I can live with it) and then the big news. I started writing again. […]

Day 48

Day 48 I started off today right. Before I left for work (early because I had a meeting before half 8) I had emptied and reloaded the dishwasher, tidied the living room and organised another load of washing (that still hasn’t made it into the machine…). That all meant when I finished work I could […]

Day 24

Day 24 I seem to have one really great day motivation wise followed by one less motivated day. I am sure that would be ok, by the end of the year I’ll have spent at least half the year motivated. That can’t be bad, right? Today I went to work, came home, made some dinner […]

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