Day 143

Day 143 Quick day today. It started in a rather lovely way with a present! I had done a karma swap on Ravelry and claimed a Buffy the Vampire Slayer graphic novel. I’m not normally a graphic novel kinda girl, but thanks to the man-shape’s love of all things comic book and graphic novel I […]

Day 68

Day 68 I had the day off work today. I feel like I have totally wasted most of the day off. I haven’t done anything in the house. I haven’t watched much I’ve been looking for on tv. I have attempted to knit a shawl and did really well until I noticed at row 24 […]

Day 49

Day 49 Today has been a mixed bag. It started by going to the post office to pick up a random act of kindness parcel. Inside were two Tunisian crochet hooks, one a small size and one slightly larger. I’m looking forward to trying Tunisian crochet. I went to the knitting group at my local […]

Day 40

Day 40 On tuesday I leaned a new yarny skill, I learned the magic loop technique for small diameter knitting. Today, Thursday, I learned another new yarny skill. Today I learned how to crochet granny squares. And here is what I made. This will be gifted to a Ravelry member who is making a blanket […]

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