Day 189

Day 189 Late post again. I guess that is what happens when I actually live my life, I forget to tell you about it. Day 189 was a surprise, the man-shape and I had a spontaneous late celebration of our anniversary (7 years last month). I had picked him up and we were on our […]

Day 127

Day 127 This evening is a very large full moon. Today is also when mother nature decides to remind me I’m female. Those two things combined should really lead to me being entirely loopy. I’m managing to remain only a wee bit loopy. I think I’m doing well so far. Today I finished the first […]

Day 60

Day 60 Strange day, it’s the day we don’t get very often. February 29th. Work day was stressful but I put that all aside and as part of giving myself a break week I went with my mum to see The Muppet movie. Do yourself a favour, go and see this movie!! We went to […]

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