Day 185

Day 185 I like days of small wins. I have aimed for small wins today. I signed on this morning and then went for a walk. I had a very yummy breakfast of a strawberry crisp cereal but I used strawberry drinking yoghurt instead of milk and it was scrummy! That is going to be […]

Day 181

Day 181 I’ve been working behind the scenes on the blog/website today. Nothing you’ll really notice at this stage but I feel like I’ve accomplished something none the less. I’ve been putting off that job for weeks but no more procrastination. That little burst came in spite of fighting off extreme tiredness most of the […]

Day 161

Day 161 I’m behind on the socks I am knitting. Not that I have any deadline other than the one I have set myself, but still… I’m not really sure why I am procrastinating so much on them. The pattern is making them a little slower than I’m used to. Maybe that is why. So […]

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