Day 123

Day 123 Well, the paperwork is all but organised. There will be photos but it got too late tonight to do them properly. I am working on a paper-flow flow-chart. It sounds a bit superfluous, even to me, but the point of the exercise is to really think about why all previous attempts at organisation […]

Day 122

Day 122 Being unemployed is hard work! Today has been a mildly frustrating day. I had the dream of staying in my pyjamas all day while sorting paperwork and making phone calls. I spent more than an hour trying to get through to the job centre to make an appointment and in the end got […]

Day 15

Day 15 Sunday Summary Song of Last Week I struggled to come up with a song that fits this week. It didn’t have such an obvious choice as last week. The only song I can come up with that fits (in title only) is Eminem – Cleaning Out My Closet… If anyone has any better […]

Day 14

Day 14 – Sorry, this is a really long one. I hope you stay with me. Two weeks into 2012 and I am not sure what to make of it yet. The train hassles seem like a distant memory. It would be nice to slow time down a bit, have a few extra days here […]

Day 1

Happy New Year everyone! Day 1 Remember yesterday I said that I wouldn’t be starting everything on day 1? Well, that is because I started a little bit early. I have been prepping this space for a few weeks ready to get started but only a few days ago did I really get mad and […]

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