Day 176

Day 176 I promised photos of finished socks and when I make a promise I try to always keep it. Here is the stitch pattern up close. And what is becoming my favourite modelling socks pose… I am proud of them, and I can say after wearing them most of the day, they are comfy […]

Day 165/166

Day 165 & 166 I am still having a couple of issues with posting to the blog. Hopefully this will post. I have spent the last couple of days working on business plans. It feels really good taking charge of my future, but goodness me, so much of it is out of my control. I’m […]

Day 70

Day 70 I had a lovely day today. I spent all day at a craft fair. I spent money but strangely, mostly not on yarn things. I bought nail polish, the kind that has both brushes and very fine tips for doing nail art. I figured it might be a nice addition to my attempts […]

Day 59

Day 59 This evening a spent some time with the man-shape and we laughed a lot. That was special in itself because he had a bad headache again. The two of us drove to the Special Care Baby Unit to drop off the hats that I made. The nurses seemed really happy and it looks […]

Day 40

Day 40 On tuesday I leaned a new yarny skill, I learned the magic loop technique for small diameter knitting. Today, Thursday, I learned another new yarny skill. Today I learned how to crochet granny squares. And here is what I made. This will be gifted to a Ravelry member who is making a blanket […]

Day 39

Day 39 As you can hopefully see above I have finished the first baby hat. I can see in future, depending on the kind of yarn I have around, these could be a great little stash-buster idea. I have now started on a pink one. For my next Nerd Wars project I am going to […]

Day 38

Day 38 Not much progress to report. I had great plans but at the end of my working day I started getting a tummy ache. That lasted until I could get home and take the appropriate medication. I lay down for about an hour until it passed but that knocked my whole evening out. Grrrr… […]

Day 36

Day 36 I have had a lazy day. It has been both long and quick. That sounds daft I’m sure but this morning seems like forever ago without the day dragging at all. I spent most of the day in front of the laptop chatting in the Nerd Wars group chat room. I was knitting […]

Day 33

Day 33 I have a thumping headache today. I think it is because of the lack of sleep. For that reason I am leaving you with the picture of the finished socks (no obvious laddering between needles in sight!) and letting you know that I am moving bedroom week to next week instead of kitchen […]

Day 32

Day 32 I’ve been all over the place today. I slept bad last night even for me. I didn’t mention it yesterday but when I came home last night there was burnt kitchen cupboards and a melted burned heater of some kind and a couple of other unidentifiable objects outside the front door and the […]

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