Rookie mistakes

Why on earth is asking people for money so difficult? The one part I’m hating about being self-employed above all others is chasing up unpaid invoices. There have been a few teething problems for me. People have made mistakes when setting me up as a new vender within colleges or just never had to deal […]

Day 252 – 258

Day 252 – 258 First thing’s first, the Sunday of this week was the Man-shape’s birthday! I know it is late on the blog (it was on the 9th) but I can assure you, I definitely said it to him directly on the day: “Happy birthday honey! I wish you a coming year that is […]

Day 200

Day 200 Time is a strange concept. Today it feels like the day has moved through each stage quickly, and having so many slow days lately it is welcome. I have been in car insurance renewal land today. I’ll be confirming it tomorrow but I really couldn’t get it down as cheap as I would […]

Day 197

Day 197 Rock bottom… Or is it? Well, in my introspective post of yesterday I didn’t mention some of the events that lead to my crash. And today I kinda broke. Apologies to the man-shape for the weird behaviour and the emotional outpour. Well, as you know I am currently looking for a job or […]

Day 186

Day 186 I have no plans for imminent travel but today I noticed that my European Health insurance card is due to expire next week so I went online and renewed it for free today. I want to be ready and able for any opportunities that happen to come up. I guess I’m trying to […]

Day 183/184

Day 183 & 184 I let myself get too tired last night and I ended up missing a blog day. Quite a bit to talk about because I’d like to tell you a couple of the stories behind Saturdays pictures too. On Saturday I visited Galloway Wildlife Conservation park. The park is run by a […]

Day 168

Day 168 I have an apology to make. Between upload issues and general life stuff this blog has not delivered what was promised for a couple of weeks now. Here is a moment of honesty: I am finding things hard just now. I am not used to feeling useless. I know I am not useless, […]

Day 101

Day 101 This evening the man-shape and I went to the hospital to visit his gran again. She is doing a little better than either of us thought she would be at this time. As for me? I realise something today. I didn’t have much time for projects and the like but I got myself […]

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