Day 70

Day 70 I had a lovely day today. I spent all day at a craft fair. I spent money but strangely, mostly not on yarn things. I bought nail polish, the kind that has both brushes and very fine tips for doing nail art. I figured it might be a nice addition to my attempts […]

Day 68

Day 68 I had the day off work today. I feel like I have totally wasted most of the day off. I haven’t done anything in the house. I haven’t watched much I’ve been looking for on tv. I have attempted to knit a shawl and did really well until I noticed at row 24 […]

Day 61

Day 61 This week has been different to previous weeks because I’ve been getting out and about. Long may it continue. Tonight I met with one of my close friends for dinner after work. We sort of ranted to each other about things going on in our lives that are bugging us a bit and […]

Day 57

Day 57 I survived this mornings training but I realised something about myself. I knew all of this separately but never put it together in a coherent thought before. People sometimes underestimate me. I think it is because I look young for my age. It makes me really angry when it happens and I’m not […]

Day 48

Day 48 I started off today right. Before I left for work (early because I had a meeting before half 8) I had emptied and reloaded the dishwasher, tidied the living room and organised another load of washing (that still hasn’t made it into the machine…). That all meant when I finished work I could […]

Day 44

Day 44 Well, this is the start of deep clean week (I’ve shifted the start of the challenge weeks to Monday in line with everything else in my life). I started with the bathroom. I brought my laptop to the door of the bathroom with a Buffy DVD in it. I’m currently rewatching season 2 […]

Day 41

Day 41- AKA “The Day The Spam-bots Hit” All day long today I have been getting comments on my blog. If I were really getting 40+ comments a day I’d be over the moon. I’m not though. I’ve been attacked by spam. From tomorrow you will probably notice a few changes if leaving a comment. […]

Day 25

Day 25 I don’t really want to write too much tonight. I spent some time in the kitchen and the rest of the night I pottered about and knit a few more rounds. I’d love the sock to be finished before February but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen now. I’m just […]

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