What I learned while tatting a doily

Guess what everyone? (anyone who already follows me on twitter knows this one already) The Doily is finished! I started this doily back in november 2012. I can’t remember exactly why this started but I do remember how. I have probably mentioned before that I am not the only person who knows how to tat […]

Day 207

Day 207 Mum and I had an interesting chat this evening. We were talking about the choices that people make and how you can often see the consequences before they even happen. You can see exactly what result they are about to get that is exactly what they don’t want. Jillian Michaels talks about this […]

Day 189

Day 189 Late post again. I guess that is what happens when I actually live my life, I forget to tell you about it. Day 189 was a surprise, the man-shape and I had a spontaneous late celebration of our anniversary (7 years last month). I had picked him up and we were on our […]

Day 183/184

Day 183 & 184 I let myself get too tired last night and I ended up missing a blog day. Quite a bit to talk about because I’d like to tell you a couple of the stories behind Saturdays pictures too. On Saturday I visited Galloway Wildlife Conservation park. The park is run by a […]

Day 174

Day 174 Today was great! I took advice from Kyle Gray the Angel Whisperer and thanked the angels for a good day when I got up this morning. The weather was rubbish but the day was cheery. The man-shape and I took a little jaunt through to Edinburgh. He had a prop to pick up […]

Day 170

Day 170 Well, I am already starting to feel better. I spent most of today with the man-shape and never has it been more needed (for both of us I think). We talked about the business we want to run some day and were talking proper concrete plans. The hardest part by far will be […]

Day 147

Day 147 Not sure what to tell you today. I’ve spent time with the man-shape today. It had been nice although I was still a bit down about yesterdays interview failure. Bad news on a sunny day. When you get bad news on a sunny day it doesn’t seem real some how. I have mentioned […]

Day 145

Day 145 What a quick but relaxing day! I’ve spent pretty much all day with the man-shape and it was lovely. We had sunshine, we’ve had hugs, we’ve had laughs. And to top it all off, I have an interview tomorrow. I need to go for an early night, make sure I’m fresh and help […]

Day 136

Day 136 The difference a day makes! Well, today has been a much better day. A bit of a slow start but productive and mildly unexpected. It’s been one of those days where it looks like things might just start to fall into place. Just maybe… No holding my breath just yet. A job has […]

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