Day 195

Day 195 Friday the friggin’ 13th! Normally I have no issues with Friday the 13th. Friday is just a day, 13 is just a number. But today has been, now I’m looking at it from the end of the day, hilarious. My day started with an appointment at the clinic, it was that time again, […]

Day 193/194

Day 193 & 194 I didn’t blog yesterday. For the first time since starting this journey I had nothing constructive to say at all. I don’t have much to say today either if I’m honest but I’m pretty sure tomorrow will be full and colourful! My only achievement over the last two days is rescuing […]

Day 191

Day 191 Ok, I need a job. This whole not knowing quite what to do with myself just isn’t fun anymore. The lack of human contact is becoming an issue. I am both bored and lonely. And that leads to mammoth knitting sessions… I turned the heel and I’m half way down the foot of […]

Day 176

Day 176 I promised photos of finished socks and when I make a promise I try to always keep it. Here is the stitch pattern up close. And what is becoming my favourite modelling socks pose… I am proud of them, and I can say after wearing them most of the day, they are comfy […]

Day 175

Day 175 I spent most of today knitting again. I have finished the foot of sock 2. Just the toes to finish tomorrow and that pair is done. With Thursdays marathon session and today’s efforts the majority of this sock was done in two days. That’s just a little mental and I know after the […]

Day 173

Day 173 Today was a mostly knitting day. Regular plans are still all over the place while I wait for my registration to be sorted out. I really wish they would hurry up and let me know what is happening so I can get on and start self-employed life. Anyway, knitting, I got the leg […]

Day 171

Day 171 Another day goes by and it is another day when I am desperate for sleep on and off most of the day. No idea what is wrong with me. I did manage to stay awake long enough to clean the kitchen top to bottom and knit more rows on sock two. We’re well […]

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