Day 171

Day 171 Another day goes by and it is another day when I am desperate for sleep on and off most of the day. No idea what is wrong with me. I did manage to stay awake long enough to clean the kitchen top to bottom and knit more rows on sock two. We’re well […]

Day 159

Day 159 I spent about 3 hours in the kitchen today. About 2 of them were spent cleaning and organising and 1 spent cooking lunch and dinner. I’ve noticed a pattern in myself, when I am upset pr feeling down my first instinct is to hide away for the day, sit in front of the […]

Day 125

Day 125 Apologies in advance, this may become a rant. Why does the Internet have to turn some people into horrible people? I am a member of a community of supposed to be like-minded people. We are almost always good people but why do some people think it is ok to take advantage of the […]

Day 57

Day 57 I survived this mornings training but I realised something about myself. I knew all of this separately but never put it together in a coherent thought before. People sometimes underestimate me. I think it is because I look young for my age. It makes me really angry when it happens and I’m not […]

Day 45

Day 45 Happy Valentines day! Here is the top secret project I made for the man-shape. As he has now seen it I can share it with you. It is extra special, if you would like to know why and are on Ravelry, hop along to my project page for details. (link should be in […]

Day 25

Day 25 I don’t really want to write too much tonight. I spent some time in the kitchen and the rest of the night I pottered about and knit a few more rounds. I’d love the sock to be finished before February but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen now. I’m just […]

Day 24

Day 24 I seem to have one really great day motivation wise followed by one less motivated day. I am sure that would be ok, by the end of the year I’ll have spent at least half the year motivated. That can’t be bad, right? Today I went to work, came home, made some dinner […]

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