Day 195

Day 195 Friday the friggin’ 13th! Normally I have no issues with Friday the 13th. Friday is just a day, 13 is just a number. But today has been, now I’m looking at it from the end of the day, hilarious. My day started with an appointment at the clinic, it was that time again, […]

Day 109

Day 109 I’ve had a bad day. Work left me frustrated and upset (I actually hit my computer hard enough with my fist that it thought it had been dropped an shut down to protect itself… But it wasn’t the computers fault). Today it just felt like things kept coming at me and I had […]

Day 65

Day 65 I went to the gym!! Unfortunately that gym trip revealed that my fitness level is at a low I haven’t seen in years and my muscles are weak making my joints sore when I used them in exercise. That needs remedying and fast. I don’t want to think “it’ll hurt so I’m not […]

Day 54

Day 54 Another short entry tonight. I’m exhausted. I’m still fighting off a headache. Grrrr! I did manage to get a couple of light cleaning tasks done, some laundry ready for putting away and the dishwasher emptied and reloaded. But other than that all I was good for was sitting… I managed to finish donation […]

Day 38

Day 38 Not much progress to report. I had great plans but at the end of my working day I started getting a tummy ache. That lasted until I could get home and take the appropriate medication. I lay down for about an hour until it passed but that knocked my whole evening out. Grrrr… […]

Day 4

Day 4 What a day. Part of me doesn’t want to relive it to post here, but that is what I set out to do. What I planned yesterday has mostly happened but not in the order I intended it to be. I got up (later than intended) I remembered the dry-body-brushing, I did the […]

Day 3

Day 3 This post was supposed to happen a couple of hours ago at least… I’ll explain in a moment. Today was the last day of my holiday. I knew I needed to get a couple of bits and pieces from the supermarket and then the rest of the day would probably be my own. […]

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