Keeping cool in a crisis (or why strapping wheels to your feet isn’t always a good idea)

It’s been over a week since my changing a car battery tutorial. My car is currently still in car hospital. The alternator died. My dad changed the alternator but the one he bought unfortunately was also dead (really need to get the money back for that). I hate not having a car. I know many […]

Day 245 – 251

Day 245 – 251 This Saturday I went out for drinks for a good friend’s birthday. As is kinda normal for me, I chose not to drink alcohol. I enjoy a glass of wine (in fact I have one sitting beside me right now). I enjoy a beer, or a bacardi, or baileys, or even […]

Day 207

Day 207 Mum and I had an interesting chat this evening. We were talking about the choices that people make and how you can often see the consequences before they even happen. You can see exactly what result they are about to get that is exactly what they don’t want. Jillian Michaels talks about this […]

Day 205

Day 205 Another day spent with a friend means another refreshing reset to the outlook. This particular friend is someone I admire very much, she goes for what she wants and what she wants is rarely conventional. She has a love of science and maths and that means the jobs she pursues often involve passing […]

Day 132

Day 132 Days spent with people that you are close to are great. Today I spent time with the man-shape during the day and one of my best friends this evening. It was so good to be around people. I found myself talking a lot and fast at times and probably too much but both […]

Day 112

Day 112 Erm… I think I’ve just accidentally started my own business….! Ok, let me start at the beginning. The more into tatting I have been getting, the more it is something I love to do and would love to do more of. That being the case I have considered starting my own business around […]

Day 109

Day 109 I’ve had a bad day. Work left me frustrated and upset (I actually hit my computer hard enough with my fist that it thought it had been dropped an shut down to protect itself… But it wasn’t the computers fault). Today it just felt like things kept coming at me and I had […]

Day 104

  Day 104 Today, yet another weird one. Good in most ways but less good in a couple. Not going to focus on the bad bits though, that wouldn’t change anything and wouldn’t help. Just no point. So, to the good bits! Half day Fridays are always good and then after work I met with […]

Day 93

Day 93 Today I turned 29. It is my birthday. Birthdays are weird. I didn’t want to have mine this year. Every single day somebody celebrates another year passing since their birth. So really, to most people on the planet today was like any other day. But for me today had a name. I am […]

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