Day 183/184

Day 183 & 184 I let myself get too tired last night and I ended up missing a blog day. Quite a bit to talk about because I’d like to tell you a couple of the stories behind Saturdays pictures too. On Saturday I visited Galloway Wildlife Conservation park. The park is run by a […]

Day 65

Day 65 I went to the gym!! Unfortunately that gym trip revealed that my fitness level is at a low I haven’t seen in years and my muscles are weak making my joints sore when I used them in exercise. That needs remedying and fast. I don’t want to think “it’ll hurt so I’m not […]

Day 63

Day 63 A lazy day is about to have a lazy blog post. I didn’t get out of my pjs until about 3pm. I am now up to a total of 15 completed granny squares for my blanket (will keep going till I get bored or run out of yarn in nice colour combinations). I […]

Day 61

Day 61 This week has been different to previous weeks because I’ve been getting out and about. Long may it continue. Tonight I met with one of my close friends for dinner after work. We sort of ranted to each other about things going on in our lives that are bugging us a bit and […]

Day 29

Day 29 Sunday Summary Song of last week Thanks to Nerd Wars I have to say that the summary song of last week has to be Vampire by Antsy Pants. Please go look it up then come back here. That song reminds me of the man-shape and it never ever ever fails to put a […]

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