Day 197

Day 197 Rock bottom… Or is it? Well, in my introspective post of yesterday I didn’t mention some of the events that lead to my crash. And today I kinda broke. Apologies to the man-shape for the weird behaviour and the emotional outpour. Well, as you know I am currently looking for a job or […]

Day 101

Day 101 This evening the man-shape and I went to the hospital to visit his gran again. She is doing a little better than either of us thought she would be at this time. As for me? I realise something today. I didn’t have much time for projects and the like but I got myself […]

Day 62

Day 62 Long day… Work went quickly (half day Fridays usually do.) I spent some time with the man-shape. The evening has been spent getting to grips with the granny squares I am wanting to make a blanket from. I have done the first 4 and I’m working on number 5 just now. While I […]

Day 32

Day 32 I’ve been all over the place today. I slept bad last night even for me. I didn’t mention it yesterday but when I came home last night there was burnt kitchen cupboards and a melted burned heater of some kind and a couple of other unidentifiable objects outside the front door and the […]

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