What I learned while tatting a doily

Guess what everyone? (anyone who already follows me on twitter knows this one already) The Doily is finished! I started this doily back in november 2012. I can’t remember exactly why this started but I do remember how. I have probably mentioned before that I am not the only person who knows how to tat […]

Day 210-216

Day 210 – 216 The week after my grandpa died was tough. Not because of grief as such, I wish I could say it was that, that would make it easier to write about. On the Monday I had an interview with a local call centre for a bank (I think I mentioned the telephone […]

Day 200

Day 200 Time is a strange concept. Today it feels like the day has moved through each stage quickly, and having so many slow days lately it is welcome. I have been in car insurance renewal land today. I’ll be confirming it tomorrow but I really couldn’t get it down as cheap as I would […]

Day 196

Day 196 A day spent with family can go one of two ways. Either everyone gets on great, you all come away feeling closer or there are silly arguments, old resentments and/or guilts surface and you come away feeling closer to some people and frustrated with others. Most family events I’ve ever been to start […]

Day 173

Day 173 Today was a mostly knitting day. Regular plans are still all over the place while I wait for my registration to be sorted out. I really wish they would hurry up and let me know what is happening so I can get on and start self-employed life. Anyway, knitting, I got the leg […]

Day 172

Day 172 I spent this evening with my mum and some of her friends at a special event. We had an evening with Kyle Gray, The Angel Whisperer. I don’t think of Kyle as “The Angel Whisperer”. I think of Kyle as the cool, medium, quirky kid I met years ago at a colour workshop […]

Day 169

Day 169 Happy fathers day! I spent this evening with my dad. We don’t always have the easiest of relationships, we’re too alike in some things and poles apart in others but for the most part this evening was nice. I hope everyone else had a nice fathers day and were able to remember their […]

Day 158

Day 158 It was the man-shape’s gran’s funeral today. It was an early start to a long day. It was emotional. I’m exhausted. Look after your families. Call someone you don’t talk to often. Sure, families can drive us nuts but we can also be good support for each other. Two wonderful gran’s gone have […]

Day 150

Day 150 Long time readers of this blog will be aware that my boyfriend’s gran has been battling illness for some time now. I am very sad typing this. We lost her today. The world has lost a very special woman. I was treated as part of her family from the very beginning. She made […]

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