Day 142

Day 142 Today, Monday, start of a new week, and start of a fresh attempt and “no excuses”. By this I mean taking a task and following it through to completion. Attempting to not procrastinate. That meant a morning spent recovering from being up till 2am to meet a 9am submission deadline (I’m trying my […]

Day 86

Day 86 I love sunny days! They help with everyone’s mood. People seem a little more patient and I notice even in myself that it takes that little bit more to send me over the edge. I went for a walk at lunch time today to try and soak up some of that vitamin D. […]

Day 82

Day 82 My emotions are still running high, I’m still kind of angry but it’s no bad thing. I have a kind I fire in me that I haven’t had in a long time. I have so much determination right now you’d all better watch out! I used that fire to push myself in the […]

Day 81

Day 81 “You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry” Someone did something today that showed me they underestimate me. To say it peeved me is putting it mildly. I was furious. Don’t underestimate me and don’t, ever talk down to me, treat me like a child or call me a liar. I am still mad […]

Day 80

Day 80 Two major themes to today 1. Stress 2. Pain!! My gym visit yesterday was effective. I know that because I can barely move today. I hurt from toe nails to eye lashes…! But it’s the good kind of hurt. It’s the kind of hurt that lets me know my muscles feel suitably chastised […]

Day 79

Day 79 What a good day, productivity wise! My day started with me putting in a load of washing and packing my gym clothes and lunch into a bag before heading to work. I stopped in at the gym on the way home and for the first time in a long time I really pushed […]

Day 65

Day 65 I went to the gym!! Unfortunately that gym trip revealed that my fitness level is at a low I haven’t seen in years and my muscles are weak making my joints sore when I used them in exercise. That needs remedying and fast. I don’t want to think “it’ll hurt so I’m not […]

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