Day 224 – 230

  Day 224 – 230 This week was so fast. The weekend flew past in a flurry of trying to finish my crochet blanket squares. As of 12th August I was all set to finish and then I ran out of wool with 3 squares to go… Typical! I haven’t got more wool yet and […]

Day 134

Day 134 This has been quite possibly the longest day of my entire life. I’ve decided I really don’t like Sunday’s. Tomorrow, Monday feels like a fresh start again and I’m glad. I’m am thinking be career focused next week. I am going to be looking at the world of self employment and seeing where […]

Day 79

Day 79 What a good day, productivity wise! My day started with me putting in a load of washing and packing my gym clothes and lunch into a bag before heading to work. I stopped in at the gym on the way home and for the first time in a long time I really pushed […]

Day 69

As holidays go, today has been not bad. I have made a good start on the shawl I am knitting, crocheted a few granny squares, watched more episodes of Buffy season 3, did some washing and tidied the kitchen a bit. I’m a tad hormonal at the moment and something happened today that both angered […]

Day 68

Day 68 I had the day off work today. I feel like I have totally wasted most of the day off. I haven’t done anything in the house. I haven’t watched much I’ve been looking for on tv. I have attempted to knit a shawl and did really well until I noticed at row 24 […]

Day 64

Day 64 I nearly didn’t blog today. I don’t have very much to say. I have spent most of today with the man-shape watching our way through season 7 of House. Later in the evening when I had taken the man-shape back home I watched a few episodes of season 3 Buffy while crocheting squares […]

Day 63

Day 63 A lazy day is about to have a lazy blog post. I didn’t get out of my pjs until about 3pm. I am now up to a total of 15 completed granny squares for my blanket (will keep going till I get bored or run out of yarn in nice colour combinations). I […]

Day 62

Day 62 Long day… Work went quickly (half day Fridays usually do.) I spent some time with the man-shape. The evening has been spent getting to grips with the granny squares I am wanting to make a blanket from. I have done the first 4 and I’m working on number 5 just now. While I […]

Day 61

Day 61 This week has been different to previous weeks because I’ve been getting out and about. Long may it continue. Tonight I met with one of my close friends for dinner after work. We sort of ranted to each other about things going on in our lives that are bugging us a bit and […]

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