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Day 243 – 244

Day 243 – 244

The Man-shape has moved to a different flat. Thanks to weekday moving, we were on our own for most of this. I met him on Thursday when I finished work and we started filling up my wee car and working our way through boxes and bags of stuff moving everything from one place to the other. It was fun but also a little stressful. There was so much stuff! Neither of us really had any idea how much stuff he had gathered in his 31years I don’t think.

I made a decision during this process: I STILL want to own less stuff than I do. My dream of all my belongings fitting into my car (minus furniture) has been completely solidified.

In fact, my ‘minimalist’ dream has moved on thanks to the experience. I still want to move to America in the not too distant future (within the next 5 years at the outside). I have started going through my belongings again after the moving fun (no sarcasm here, it really was quite fun at times, we laughed a lot, especially in the beginning). So, I want my belongings to continue to be streamlined throughout the rest of this year, more on this later, part of me is now aiming more for everything I own to fit in a big rucksack. (never going to happen…)

As you know if you have been with me from the start, but a catch up for new readers, at the start of the year I had a big clear out of my walk in cupboard. I was getting rid of obvious rubbish, and things I knew easily I didn’t want. I’ve taken part in some swaps on Ravelry to swap things I don’t want for things that I can use. Ok, that one doesn’t always reduce what I have… and I have sold some things on ebay.

So, how am I streamlining now? I am looking at digitising first of all. Looking at things like my uni notes from my interpreting course first. My notes from my chemistry course all went at the start of the year when I made the decision to leave science, it was like the full stop on that chapter and even if I did change my mind again or started to miss chemistry, my uni notes from 2001-2006 would be so out of date as to be useless, I would have to do re-learning and fresh research into current techniques. I know that I need and want my interpreting notes just now but they are in rather a mess. I want to organise them, and digitise them to make them much easier to search through.

I will keep all paper copies just now but later on, when I decide to move I can ditch the paper copies and not lose any information. This is going to be a longish term project but I have started by going through my notes, binning any duplicates and organising by topic. Just doing that I got rid of a whole folder. I know I will have other things that I can digitise but I want to see how this project goes before making any grand plans.

One thing I am also sure I know I don’t want is to end up with a lifetimes worth of digital clutter where nothing is organised and nothing ever gets deleted. Digital clutter might be a focus for next years big project…

So, to get my number of belongings down and reduce potential stresses of any future moves things now have to pass a quick test before they can stay:

  1. Is it in working order?
  2. Do I really like it/love it?
  3. Is it useful?
  4. Would I want to take it to America with me?

If an item ticks at least 3 of those boxes then it is safe. Otherwise? I’m making no promises. I don’t really need so much, Right?!

KT :-)

Day 125

Day 125

Apologies in advance, this may become a rant.

Why does the Internet have to turn some people into horrible people? I am a member of a community of supposed to be like-minded people. We are almost always good people but why do some people think it is ok to take advantage of the good nature of others when they can hide behind the Internet veil and turn nasty when they are caught out? Seriously, sarcasm can be funny. It can also be down right nasty. There is just no need for nastiness, especially when you are only being nasty because you know you’ve been caught out, the jig is up so to speak.

Seriously people, play nice. Or I’ll be forced to write a strongly worded email…

Anyway! One week into unemployment. My kitchen is sparkling clean after today. But honesty? I’m bored now. I’m pretty sure I will wake up tomorrow with energy again like I did today and be ready to conquer something new again. I got so far today and then all motivation for serious things left the building. For the first time in my life I have a serious case of start’itus. It is a new sensation for me, I can only assume it is because of my situation. I just feel the need to get lots of projects going now.

So far I have started…
1. The tatted chokers for order (but because they have purpose they are in danger of slipping down the list.)
2. A crochet penguin. I have no idea why, I just had the urge to crochet. I wish it didn’t take so much counting!
3. A chunky knitted project. It may be for a birthday present so I can’t say too much here just in case. If it doesn’t work out, it will be for me.

And on top of those already started things, the crochet blanket is still a WIP and I spent over two hours last night on Ravelry and with books trying to match projects the the yarn I have. I hope this doesn’t get out of control!

If anyone asks, I am clutter clearing my yarns.

KT :-)

Day 95

Day 95

I have been ruled by my hormones today I think. I’ve been very irritable but I’m not going to dwell on that.

Today I did something that showed me I am thinking in a goal-focused way. I was given an amazon gift voucher for my birthday and normally that would mean to me more books ie more clutter/stuff. I thought a little different today. I checked first my wishlist. I then had a look at the books I wanted most and the cheapest way of getting them. The books I was looking at were ones that will help me with my personal goals or my crafty life.

I then noticed the kindle versions on two of them. I don’t own a kindle. I don’t particularly want or need a kindle. But I do have a kindle app for my phone and computer…! I downloaded the samples for two of the books to see how they looked on my phone. One of them is an exercise book by Jillian Michaels who I love to bits. The kindle version is enhanced with videos to demonstrate the moves. When I had checked it all worked the way I wanted I downloaded the full version. Lots of information the cheapest way with no extra clutter. (give or take the digital clutter)

I did the same with Brett Bara’s sewing in a straight line book. I love how the diagrams and photographs look on my phone and mac and again, it was the cheapest way. I am really happy with my decision. Also, because they are instant downloads I started reading the Brett Bara book on the way home.

With nearly the last of my voucher I still had enough for a book about tatting that comes very highly recommended. I can only get a physical copy of that but still from the cheapest seller including the postage.

My old way? Two physical books.
My new way? One physical book and two digital ones, one of which is enhanced by 80odd videos!

A much better way of thinking and definitely shows I’m moving in the right direction.

KT :-)
Ps. Got a few more rounds of the sock done but I swear that thing shrinks when I’m not looking!

Day 77

Day 77

Today has been a bit better than yesterday. I cleared my desk! I haven’t sorted out the paperwork again yet but I now have space on the desk to write, or sew or do other crafty things. Basically I ditched a lot of rubbish from that desk and the living room looks clearer and less, erm… chaotic? than it did before.

I think I’m going to enjoy having that space free to create things and bring ideas to fruition. I have also made some headway on the first of mums socks. I’m most of the way down the leg of it now. They won’t be too high, mum has some problems with her ankles so I think making them a wide rib and not too high should make them much more comfortable for her. I really hopes she likes what I’m doing with them.

I’ve had my gran on my mind today. It would have been my dads mum’s birthday today. I miss her a lot. I get the feeling she would like who I’ve grown into. In so many ways I think she was the linchpin of the family. Nothing was the same after she died because she wasn’t here to knock people’s heads together when they needed it anymore! She was special.

I spent my evening rewatching season 1 of True Blood. I got 5 episodes in. It was relaxing working on the sock an watching a show I know and love.

Between washing, clearing the desk, a bit of pampering this morning, going to the knitting group where I was told I’d been missed the last couple of weeks and seeing some progress on the sock, I think I can call today a win.

KT :-)

Day 49

Day 49

Today has been a mixed bag. It started by going to the post office to pick up a random act of kindness parcel. Inside were two Tunisian crochet hooks, one a small size and one slightly larger. I’m looking forward to trying Tunisian crochet.

I went to the knitting group at my local yarn shop… For 90mins I was the only one there. It was strange, I got some knitting done, browsed some of the books and magazines in the ‘library’. And then someone else came in. I stayed a while, had lunch and then came home.

The next few hours were spent in my bedroom as part of deep clean week. You can see where I’ve been for a change. I also went through my jewellery box and decluttered it. Anything broken that I didn’t want to, or wasn’t worth, repairing went in the bin. A couple of other things went in the charity shop bag. I found items I’d forgotten I owned and I am looking forward to using them.

I am nearly finished the elephant but I’ve been dragging my heels. It’ll get done in the next day or so.

Tomorrow I am wanting to do the floors and windows. That will mean getting on my hands and knees and brushing the carpets and firing up the steam cleaner for the windows and other areas.

Still trying to relax. Still not quite managing. Strangely, the most relaxed I’ve been was when cleaning the bedroom. I kind of like cleaning. Don’t tell anyone…

KT :-)

Day 23

Day 23

Today has been good! I think it must have been the result of that good relaxing weekend. Sock number 1 is done! Woohoo! A couple of weeks ago I didn’t think that would happen so I’m chuffed. I have cast on sock number 2. Literally, that is all I’ve done, cast on the right number of stitches and distribute them onto the 3 needles. I haven’t knit the first row yet.

tip of the day

Don’t do Kitchener stitch after a large glass of wine. You WILL get confused and drop at least one stitch…

I ran out of time for knitting because I got stuck into kitchen week. I might not have done so good with living room week but I am already hopeful for kitchen week. And living room week will come around again.

So, I have taken many many before pictures of my kitchen. It isn’t really all that cluttered but it does need a bloody good clean. I’m not at my computer just now so I can’t share the photos right now. I’ll put them up tomorrow. I am ashamed at how dirty my cooker and work top surfaces are. It’s a disgrace. I’m not sure how the cooker got so bad considering how little use it really gets… Do crumbs breed?? Seriously. I think my fall back meal of something (anything) on toast might be to blame.

I have started by going through one of the cupboards with items that are rarely used. And have either cleaned things and returned them or I’ve binned some things too. I feel bad about binning the bread bin that mum bought me when I got this flat. It matched the kitchen so well but bread bins and me tends to lead to forgotten about mouldy bread so I stopped using it a couple of years ago. It is another example of me storing boxes of air… It should go.

I have cool cocktail glasses that I don’t think I have ever used. Mission for the summer, get some girls around for a night of cocktails an giggles. They should be used. Hmmm… Party when I have the flat the way I want it? Good idea. At the half way point the flat should be near enough sorted so I am going to pencil that in for June some time. That leaves the latter part of the year to focus on maintenance for the flat and closer focus on other areas. See? I do have a plan! (I think)

While at work today I got to thinking. I’ve been doing some data entry for the last few days. Once the spreadsheet is set up I’m just plugging in answers. That leaves either time for listening to podcasts and music (when I have the office to myself) or thinking time (on days like today when I don’t). My thinking time today had me revisiting a story idea I had maybe about a year ago. It started as a short story idea, then sort of became a script idea for film or tv. Today I got way above my station. It’s a novel. I am sure of it. I know I could write it if I put my mind to it. The only part I am not 100% sure of is how it ends but that can be worked out in the writing. I have been put off creative writing in the past when a couple of people have read what I’ve written and been critical of it. I did have one writer friend way back when who always loved what I wrote and was sad when I stopped. I’m not sure what I should do to get my confidence back and get this story out of my head.

Hmmm… I’m not sure adding “write a novel” to my list for this year would be such a good idea but the story is so strong in my mind now and the timing is good for it. I think I’m psyching myself out.

KT :-)


Day 22

Day 22

What a lovely relaxing weekend! I am behind where I thought I would be by now for the project but in truth, I am making enough progress to not be too bothered. If I continue like this I’ll be relatively happy. We are getting somewhere. I have no Sunday summary song of the week this week. I have had a more lazy week than I originally intended and no real theme to speak of.

Yesterday I spent most of the day and all of the night with the man I love. That time (plus the leg wax) made me feel great. I feel rejuvenated, beautiful and wanted. He makes me feel like a fun person, and hell, I felt sexy! It was needed. The time together reminded me that I am loved. I feel revived.

Today I woke up quite early but I stayed in bed reading so that I didn’t wake the man-shape, he needed the sleep. But that time just lying in bed was lovely. When I got up and got dressed I picked out an outfit that made me feel cute, even though I wasn’t planning on going anywhere special, and I got compliments. It was worth it.

In other news, guess what?! Give or take some Kitchener stitch I am finished sock number 1! In case it matters, I am a Kitchener lover. I know it seems to separate people but I don’t find it difficult and I like the way that it looks. I would really like the second sock finished before February. You might be asking why… Well, I decided I didn’t have enough challenge in my life (why is there no such thing as a sarcasm font yet??) so I have signed up to take part in tournament 4 of Nerd Wars on Ravelry. For those who have been reading this blog since the start, you will know I have a fondness for vampire fiction. That being the case I have asked for team Bite Me as my first choice. Being a complete geek in hiding there are many teams where I would feel at home. My second choice was team Browncoat