The Day KT Changed a Battery

Today has been one of those days that just makes you want to dust off that blog that’s been sitting in the cupboard unloved for a while. The last day or so I’ve been having car trouble (well, longer than that with general or “other” car troubles. This specific issue has been a couple of […]

Day 197

Day 197 Rock bottom… Or is it? Well, in my introspective post of yesterday I didn’t mention some of the events that lead to my crash. And today I kinda broke. Apologies to the man-shape for the weird behaviour and the emotional outpour. Well, as you know I am currently looking for a job or […]

Day 142

Day 142 Today, Monday, start of a new week, and start of a fresh attempt and “no excuses”. By this I mean taking a task and following it through to completion. Attempting to not procrastinate. That meant a morning spent recovering from being up till 2am to meet a 9am submission deadline (I’m trying my […]

Day 100

Day 100 Much more like it! After being a bit rested I got stuck back in today. I cleaned the rubbish out the car, a job I’ve been putting off for weeks. It took all of about 3 minutes… I checked my tyre pressures (that took about 15mins if you include travel time to the […]

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