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Day 140

Day 140

What a funny day. I’ve discovered I’m a bit of an idiot at times.

I have cleaned the bedroom top to bottom, done a bit of reading, started working on my tension problems I’ve noticed with my tatting.

I went to make my dinner. I have been planning to make chilli all week. I went to the supermarket last night for the last couple of ingredients I needed with plans to make it today. I went and got all my ingredients together and what was I missing? Oh yeah, the chilli powder…

Another walk to the supermarket later and I had everything and eventually made a nice chilli.

I have also had the news that my car is fixable but I need to find a way of juggling my money to have £120 to pay for it. The timing sucks. But as always, I’ll manage. Still smiling!

KT :-)

Day 104


Day 104

Today, yet another weird one. Good in most ways but less good in a couple. Not going to focus on the bad bits though, that wouldn’t change anything and wouldn’t help. Just no point.

So, to the good bits! Half day Fridays are always good and then after work I met with one of my oldest friends, in length of service rather than age. Thinking about it, she must be my oldest friend, she is my only friend from primary school age that I am still in touch with. We don’t live close any more and we don’t see each other very often because of that but even when we haven’t been in touch for a while it is always easy when we see each other again.

We went for coffee and I have to share this picture of the coffee. It is so cute! I talked far too much but it was great to catch up with her and find out more about her daughter and what her and her husband have been doing. I knew I missed her but I know that I don’t want it to get so long next time. I am missing so much. Aunty KT wants to play with the little’un!

When I came back I tidied the bedroom to make it easier to get started on project bedroom. I am feeling brave so I am going to share the “before” pictures. (at least it’s tidy!)

You can click on any of these thumbnails to make the pictures bigger.

This is the view from the bedroom door.



This is still from the door but the other side of the room. As you can see the decorating never got finished. It looks rather bare and there is no light fitting on the wall yet.


This is the opposite view, from standing at the window.


This is the old curtain rail above the window. I am wanting to get this sanded first. It has been driving me bonkers for months. There are so many layers of old paint on there I don’t think it will be easy to get it back to bare. But I’m up for the challenge!

As you can see I am going to have some serious work to do to get these walls looking smooth and lovely again. I am going to have to learn how to use some of the skimming products when I have sanded the walls back a bit.





And last picture, this is where the door handle hits the wall. I clearly need to add “door stop” to the list to buy!


Ok, now that is done, I am left with no excuses but to spend the next few weeks in transformation mode! I believe that changing this space will make a big difference to how I feel. Going to sleep in a calm finished space and waking up in one will hopefully set my mood right each day. Of all the rooms to finish, I believe that this one will have the biggest impact in my daily life.

KT :-)

Day 101

Day 101

This evening the man-shape and I went to the hospital to visit his gran again. She is doing a little better than either of us thought she would be at this time.

As for me? I realise something today. I didn’t have much time for projects and the like but I got myself lost in planning the bedroom. Project bedroom has completely taken over my thoughts. I have roughly budgeted the cost (~£150 not including the electrician, but I’m hoping to keep closer to £100), I have thought colours, prep work, additions to the design. I have planned and planned. But as I tweeted this evening, there comes a time when you need to force yourself to stop planning and start doing.

To start the doing part I dug out any DIY and decorating supplies/tools I have. I don’t have much but it is more than some and plenty enough to get me started. I supplemented with extra sandpaper while I was getting the paint testers for just over £1 yesterday. I have already planned. Now I need to start doing. I am the worlds best procrastinator, and planning is my best tool for that job.

The other thing I did this evening to beat procrastination was to get knitting on that second sock. I cast on yesterday but I hate the first couple of rounds so much that I put off doing it. Today I picked it up and forced myself to get over that hump. I have now done the first 8 rounds, aka the cuff, and I am onto the much more straightforward leg. It is now time to power through.

I put things off sometimes so I won’t fail at them. But I am only stopping myself from having the chance to succeed. Fear will not hold me back anymore. (well, until I’ve forgotten this lesson and need to re-learn it at least!)

I have already planned. Tomorrow I start doing.

KT :-)

Day 100

Day 100

Much more like it!

After being a bit rested I got stuck back in today. I cleaned the rubbish out the car, a job I’ve been putting off for weeks. It took all of about 3 minutes… I checked my tyre pressures (that took about 15mins if you include travel time to the garage). I went to the supermarket for the bits and pieces I missed last time. I did multiple loads of washing. And I did it all at quite a leisurely pace.

I have decided that the next big mission is decorate the bedroom. I bought a couple of tester pots of the colours I think I might use and I have been making plans as to how to tackle this job. It’s not the biggest job ever but it will have a good impact. The big thing though I most of it will be done by me alone. That means the prep work, the painting, the prettifying (I know that’s not a word) will all be done by me. The part that I can’t do myself is wire in new lights, that will require an electrician. I will be doing it as cheaply as possible. The main things I will need to buy other than the paint will be new night fittings, curtains and a curtain pole. Later in the year I will need a new wall heater in here too. I know the costs might add up so I’ll be keeping a close eye on it and doing it over the next couple of months. Before June this room WILL be done. Before pictures to follow.

I also started something else today. I have previously listened to Jillian Michaels book “Unlimited”. I am now re-listening to it and I’m going to go through the advice step by step after I have listened to it this time again. In it he describes the process of making a vision board. I am making one to go in my new bedroom when it is finished (or perhaps before). This evening I painted the frame of an old cork-board I had with one of the sample pots of paint, a light green (I think it looks more white in the picture). I think the green sample I had is going to be too light for what I had in mind but the frame will still look good. My hopes and dreams will be added to it over the next week or so. I hope to post a picture when it is done.


ps. Nearly made myself sick on Easter egg chocolate tonight. It was totally worth it! (for putting me off chocolate for a while if nothing else!)

Day 56

Day 56

Today was good. Not as productive as it could have been but enjoyable. Goals wise I finished the third baby hat. I’m a little tired of doing the baby hats. I don’t know how some people can do the same pattern over and over again. If I do any more before donating (I’m not sure yet, planning on donating probably Tuesday evening) then I will have to find a different pattern to use for sure.

Cleaning wise I got some washing done and I stayed in the bedroom. I did what I am hoping will be my maintain style clean in here. If I can tidy as I go then the cleaning will take half an hour or less in this room depending on if the bed sheets cooperate! Not doing more today means I have a whole lot to do tomorrow if I want to be able to relax more next week and just maintain the serenity I hope to create.

I will lose tomorrow morning to training for work. I can see it far enough but I need to go and I think I might even enjoy it when I get there.

Lastly for today, I taught myself another new technique. I have started to learn Tunisian crochet. Thanks to bethintx1 on YouTube I have learned the Tunisian simple stitch. I think I know what I am making with the fabric I’m creating but I’ll need to see of what I have in my head will actually work in real life.

KT :-)

Day 50

Day 50

Fifty days and I’m still here. I’ve surprised myself.

Today was long. The whole weekend has felt a bit long. I don’t really enjoy work most of the time but I’m almost glad to be going there tomorrow. I know I won’t feel that way when I wake up though… I’ve been out of sorts this weekend. I’ve felt a bit emotional and I really don’t know why. I’m just riding it out till it passes seeing as how I have no idea what triggered it.

Today deep clean week continued. The bedroom is all but done. From top to bottom it has been scrubbed. The one thing I didn’t do was brush the carpet but it has been hoovered to within an inch of its life. The mattress has been steamed to clean it and kill any unwanteds. The window was cleaned with the steam cleaner too. It looks, smells and feels nice in here.

I have also finished sewing together the elephant today. Never again. That’s all I’m saying. I was cursing it by the time I was done!


I have decided as deep clean week as only encompassed the bathroom and bedroom it should continue into next week. For two weeks after that I am going to be in maintain mode. I’ll draw up a routine of sorts to keep it the way I hope it will be at the end of next week. My spring clean can be a springboard towards making this place feel more like a home. And it will make the decorating that is going to happen later in the year a much easier task.

Fingers crossed I sleep better tonight. Last night was not good at all.

I guess I didn’t stick with sunday summary song of the week. I’m pretty sure this weeks would only have been depressing anyway and I don’t want to wallow like that. Tomorrow I find some smiles.


Day 49

Day 49

Today has been a mixed bag. It started by going to the post office to pick up a random act of kindness parcel. Inside were two Tunisian crochet hooks, one a small size and one slightly larger. I’m looking forward to trying Tunisian crochet.

I went to the knitting group at my local yarn shop… For 90mins I was the only one there. It was strange, I got some knitting done, browsed some of the books and magazines in the ‘library’. And then someone else came in. I stayed a while, had lunch and then came home.

The next few hours were spent in my bedroom as part of deep clean week. You can see where I’ve been for a change. I also went through my jewellery box and decluttered it. Anything broken that I didn’t want to, or wasn’t worth, repairing went in the bin. A couple of other things went in the charity shop bag. I found items I’d forgotten I owned and I am looking forward to using them.

I am nearly finished the elephant but I’ve been dragging my heels. It’ll get done in the next day or so.

Tomorrow I am wanting to do the floors and windows. That will mean getting on my hands and knees and brushing the carpets and firing up the steam cleaner for the windows and other areas.

Still trying to relax. Still not quite managing. Strangely, the most relaxed I’ve been was when cleaning the bedroom. I kind of like cleaning. Don’t tell anyone…

KT :-)

Day 43

Day 43

In so many ways this has been a wasted weekend. I suffered a bit today for my excesses on Saturday night with my neighbours. But would I change any of it? I don’t think I would. (perhaps I’d have politely refused that last top up…)

The socialising has done me good and taking time for myself today to give myself a mini-facial was good too. I currently have a spot on my chin that is applying for its own postcode. Obviously I’ve been neglecting myself a little.

I took some time to knit the toy elephant but because it is stuffed the stitches are tight and it’s hurting one of my fingers. I’m trying to find different ways of working. Knitting is not meant to cause pain. It is going to be so cute though! I think he’ll be worth it. He has green body and legs but I’m going to give him a blue head and trunk, you know, traditional elephant colours!

The bedroom has had a lot done but you still can’t really see where I’ve been. It’s a little disheartening but if I stop now I’ll never get to the room I can envisage in my head. I WILL get there!

I’m sleepy now. I had a run of about 4 days of sleeping through the night but Friday and Saturday I’ve not been so lucky. Perhaps tonight will fix things again.

KT :-)

Day 41

Day 41- AKA “The Day The Spam-bots Hit”

All day long today I have been getting comments on my blog. If I were really getting 40+ comments a day I’d be over the moon. I’m not though. I’ve been attacked by spam. From tomorrow you will probably notice a few changes if leaving a comment. Please don’t let this put you off leaving comments though bi like the feedback.

I was a bit disheartened at first but I’ve decided to not let it get me down. Lesson learned, tighten up security a bit.

Sorry for not posting more today but I’ve got some changes to go and make.

KT :-)
Ps. Bedroom got a lot of time spent on it today and is coming along nicely.

Day 40

Day 40

On tuesday I leaned a new yarny skill, I learned the magic loop technique for small diameter knitting. Today, Thursday, I learned another new yarny skill. Today I learned how to crochet granny squares. And here is what I made.


This will be gifted to a Ravelry member who is making a blanket with squares randomly sent to her. It also answered a Nerd Wars challenge so that is good.

Further to bedroom week, I have had some bath things that I know I’m never going to use (I’d have used them by now…) on the random acts of kindness group someone this month asked for bath things so I am going to be sending a small bottle of bergamot cream bath, sandalwood bath crystals, and some body butters. None of this leaves me short, quite the opposite, it gets items out of my flat and to someone who hopefully will enjoy them. I very rarely take a bath, I’m a shower girl. I have kept a big bottle of relaxing bubble bath so I still have the option but the other ones can go to someone who can appreciate it.

I think I am getting hooked on helping others. I used to be a volunteer with the Samaritans, a telephone helpline for depressed and suicidal people, but for many reasons I had to stop doing it. I didn’t realise how much I missed being there for others in someway. I hope nobody thinks that’s why I’d like a career in sign language – I like that interpreting makes a more equal playing field for people but I also truly love the language. I love studying how the language works and how it is built, it’s fascinating. Some things can be said that bit more clearly in sign language. I love that.

So, bedroom week is moving slowly but surely. Tomorrow and Saturday I’ll be able to do a couple of smaller things that will make a huge difference. I won’t chicken out of photos on Sunday this time!

KT :-)