Day 125

Day 125 Apologies in advance, this may become a rant. Why does the Internet have to turn some people into horrible people? I am a member of a community of supposed to be like-minded people. We are almost always good people but why do some people think it is ok to take advantage of the […]

Day 109

Day 109 I’ve had a bad day. Work left me frustrated and upset (I actually hit my computer hard enough with my fist that it thought it had been dropped an shut down to protect itself… But it wasn’t the computers fault). Today it just felt like things kept coming at me and I had […]

Day 82

Day 82 My emotions are still running high, I’m still kind of angry but it’s no bad thing. I have a kind I fire in me that I haven’t had in a long time. I have so much determination right now you’d all better watch out! I used that fire to push myself in the […]

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