Keeping cool in a crisis (or why strapping wheels to your feet isn’t always a good idea)

It’s been over a week since my changing a car battery tutorial. My car is currently still in car hospital. The alternator died. My dad changed the alternator but the one he bought unfortunately was also dead (really need to get the money back for that). I hate not having a car. I know many […]

Day 243 – 244

Day 243 – 244 The Man-shape has moved to a different flat. Thanks to weekday moving, we were on our own for most of this. I met him on Thursday when I finished work and we started filling up my wee car and working our way through boxes and bags of stuff moving everything from […]

Day 224 – 230

  Day 224 – 230 This week was so fast. The weekend flew past in a flurry of trying to finish my crochet blanket squares. As of 12th August I was all set to finish and then I ran out of wool with 3 squares to go… Typical! I haven’t got more wool yet and […]

Day 186

Day 186 I have no plans for imminent travel but today I noticed that my European Health insurance card is due to expire next week so I went online and renewed it for free today. I want to be ready and able for any opportunities that happen to come up. I guess I’m trying to […]

Day 183/184

Day 183 & 184 I let myself get too tired last night and I ended up missing a blog day. Quite a bit to talk about because I’d like to tell you a couple of the stories behind Saturdays pictures too. On Saturday I visited Galloway Wildlife Conservation park. The park is run by a […]

Day 136

Day 136 The difference a day makes! Well, today has been a much better day. A bit of a slow start but productive and mildly unexpected. It’s been one of those days where it looks like things might just start to fall into place. Just maybe… No holding my breath just yet. A job has […]

Day 93

Day 93 Today I turned 29. It is my birthday. Birthdays are weird. I didn’t want to have mine this year. Every single day somebody celebrates another year passing since their birth. So really, to most people on the planet today was like any other day. But for me today had a name. I am […]

Day 92

Day 92 I’m late with yesterday’s blog post because I was sleeping when I would normally have posted. I have had an interesting day. I’ve spent time with the man-shape. We went bowling for the first time in ages. It’s been a good day in a good weekend. We’re currently watching Wrestlemania. This hasn’t been […]

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