Creating My Home

Creating my home is all about my quest to have space that feels like my sanctuary, a place where when I walk through the door I am instantly relaxed and peaceful. I want my home to be a place that others like to visit and want to be. I want my home to be a space that functions in such a way that all of my needs are met.

The main topics will be

This is the section I am most dreading posting about publicly. My flat is not a shambles by any means but it is not going to make the pages of any home magazine (well, perhaps for a ‘before’ shot). I bought my flat about 4 years ago, it needed bringing back to the bare shell. It had been a rental and was distinctly unloved. It has had a new kitchen and bathroom, and some decorating. Then, shortly after I moved in about 3 and a half years ago I kind of ran out of spare money and ran out of inclination at around the same time. This meant that no single room got completely finished. It’s a little embarrassing. When I am feeling brave (or when I have had a couple of glasses of wine) I will go around and take pictures. I think this might just shock me into getting the place back towards somewhere that I love. I really don’t love the place just now. I don’t think I even like it most days… But all this will have to happen on a limited budget.

To achieve the goal of sanctuary I will need get a few things sorted.

First, clutter control. Everyone has a little bit of clutter. I don’t have as much as some. I have enough that is bothers me. My big issue is that I have so many things that I either don’t like, don’t use or don’t reflect who I am now. That needs to change. I can’t see me ever being a minimalist but I can learn from them. The ultimate aim is two-fold. 1. For all of my belongings to be items that I truly love and 2. for all of the items I own (not including furniture) to fit in my car. (ok, perhaps that is rather minimalist)

Next, cleaning routines. I am not unclean. I am a bit sporadic though… I am untidy. I am fundamentally, deep down in my core, lazy. I want to find the quickest, easiest ways of keeping a clean, tidy, inviting home. The quickest and easiest ways are often the most expensive and environmentally damaging ways to keep house so I am looking for balance. There are some things I don’t mind doing, some areas I will spend some time. I don’t dislike cleaning (I actually quite enjoy some cleaning jobs) but I don’t want to spend all my time doing it. I would also much rather clean an already tidy house. I need to put systems in place.

Lastly, decorating. Like I said above, nothing ever really got finished. Now is the time. I want to learn how to do some of the decorating and repair jobs myself. This is partly to keep costs down but also just to gain new skills.

So that’s it, creating my home. The outsides greatly influence the insides. A nice, finished, maintained tidy space will be much better for my sanity than what I have now. It’s time the outsides helped my inner calm!

KT :-)

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