Money – It’s only an issue when you don’t have enough of it…

Before I go any further, I would like to thank Martin Lewis and the team. That is where much of the process that these pages go through comes from.

Okay, I don’t have enough money. I am sure many many people will say the same thing. I can pay my bills, eat, have some fun. But I am not yet free. I over-spend not always knowing what on and I don’t have savings to speak of. In short, I waste my money. And, I’ve had enough.

There are 4 kinds of people/families as far as I can tell

  1. Those that have plenty of money, manage the money they have well and as such, money appears to be no issue.
  2. Those that have plenty of money, do not manage it so well and as such if a crisis happened they’d be stuffed, travelling down the proverbial creek with no paddle to speak of.
  3. Those just above the breadline, don’t have loads of money but the bills get paid on time and they can always eat and get to work. They have debts but those debts are manageable.
  4. Those struggling to keep up with bill payments, can’t always afford to eat or get to work. They borrow to survive and things really look bad.

I put myself in group 3. I could move to a secret subset of group 1 (those who don’t have plenty of money but who definitely have enough money at all times and it is well managed). I am not a victim. I totally own this. I often struggle with my money and it is completely my own fault. I know the theory – spend less than you earn. To get out of debt – earn more, spend less. It’s like dieting. Everyone knows that to lose weight you move more and eat less… Well, it is rarely that simple.

To take control – Priorities

What are your money priorities? Here are mine

  • Mortgage
  • Council tax
  • Food
  • Travel to work
  • Other bills (including paying down any debts)
  • Saving to live in America some day soon
  • All other stuff

So, why do I have no money? Because although my priorities are there I don’t always think about them when I am handing over cash or a bank card. Take-aways are food, right?? Yeah… hmmmm…. My priorities are in place, they are not yet perfect but they are a good place to start.

So what have I already done?

  1. Checked all my regular bills to see if I could get better deals
  2. Cancelled things I wasn’t really using
  3. Started to be more aware when I am spending money (not as easy as it sounds)
  4. Started my own business (hmmm… not an initial money saver)

I have seen improvements, give or take the 4 months I was unemployed. Those weeks wrecked my great debt free plans, but they also gave me the biggest incentive to NEVER be in that position ever again. It will take time to ensure that, but determination will go a long way to help.

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