Day 252 – 258

Day 252 – 258 First thing’s first, the Sunday of this week was the Man-shape’s birthday! I know it is late on the blog (it was on the 9th) but I can assure you, I definitely said it to him directly on the day: “Happy birthday honey! I wish you a coming year that is […]

Day 245 – 251

Day 245 – 251 This Saturday I went out for drinks for a good friend’s birthday. As is kinda normal for me, I chose not to drink alcohol. I enjoy a glass of wine (in fact I have one sitting beside me right now). I enjoy a beer, or a bacardi, or baileys, or even […]

Day 243 – 244

Day 243 – 244 The Man-shape has moved to a different flat. Thanks to weekday moving, we were on our own for most of this. I met him on Thursday when I finished work and we started filling up my wee car and working our way through boxes and bags of stuff moving everything from […]

Day 238 – 242

Day 238 – 242 First lesson I have learned that I can share with you all today: When trying to keep a blog of a year long self-development project, don’t decide that you really need to take a break and not write for a few weeks. What will happen is you will catch up to […]

Day 231 – 237

Day 231 to 237 Quiet week. And how glad I am of that! This is the last week before I will find myself working for myself a few days out of each week. I spent some of the week going back and forth with Disclosure Scotland (the people who do police checks in Scotland). I […]

Day 224 – 230

  Day 224 – 230 This week was so fast. The weekend flew past in a flurry of trying to finish my crochet blanket squares. As of 12th August I was all set to finish and then I ran out of wool with 3 squares to go… Typical! I haven’t got more wool yet and […]

Day 217 – 223

Day 217 – 223 This week I turned the career corner. Saturday evening when I finally checked my post something had arrived. I am a registered trainee sign language interpreter! My badge had arrived! Considering the day before I was so low – on hands and knees trying to fix my freezer low as well […]

Day 210-216

Day 210 – 216 The week after my grandpa died was tough. Not because of grief as such, I wish I could say it was that, that would make it easier to write about. On the Monday I had an interview with a local call centre for a bank (I think I mentioned the telephone […]

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