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I have had this blog space for a long time now. When I first set it up I had big plans for it. I also had big plans for me.

Funny story, without keeping a record through this blog, I’ve done a lot of what I set out to do over the last 5ish years. It’s a funny story because see all of those great plans I laid out? The achievements I made were almost all by taking different routes to what I mapped in the pages I set up.

Looking at the categories I had in mind for this blog, I started with money. I’ve gotten quite good at managing my money over the last few years. I’m not rich by any stretch, but I’m in control of what I have. I have established myself in my chosen field and I am running a successful one woman business.

Under the “Creating My Home” banner I had clutter control, cleaning routines and decorating and maintenance. Well, although the clutter often tries to creep back, I did a huge clear out, Kon Mari style, in 2016, and it’s stayed in check since then. I have routines in check lists that I sometimes obey (and often ignore) that mean my flat is usually clean enough and tidy enough for if someone was to drop by. I never did do all the maintenance and decorating though. Perhaps this will be the year for that? (insert rolling around laughing emoji here…)

“Creating My Network is all about getting the right people around me, making friends and nurturing healthy relationships.”

That’s what I said back in 2011/2012 when I was setting this all up. Mission accomplished. I did it mostly over the last 2 years, and in a way I never would have expected. But that is a story for another post.

I make things still. I knit, I tat and that still bring me joy.

There is a huge area of what my life is now that is completely absent from these pages, I have nothing in here about creating the body I wanted to go through this life in. Exercise has become so ingrained over the last year, I find it strange to look and not see it there. Nothing about healthy eating or learning how to cook either. (Still working on them)

I am really not sure what to do with those old pages I created. Archive them somehow probably. They were the catalyst, or showing my working perhaps. They were my inspiration for the journey I took but they aren’t a good reflection of that journey at all.

The last few years have been a ride and a half. A year of finishing my qualifications, getting qualified and all that would bring. A year of focusing on getting my weight to a healthier level and learning what my body could do. My viewpoint changing trip to Nepal in 2015 is missing too. I “created me” and forgot to write down how I did it! I can’t go back and write it all now, but as I pick this back up for a little while, there will probably be some reflections and trips down memory lane to be had. I hope so. I’ve done some awesome things. I’ve done plenty of very ordinary things too. All of those things have made me the me that wants to start writing again.

Chat soon.

KT :)

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