Slowly powering up

Today started the slow powering up again into this year.  I’ve found myself slipping towards nocturnal during this holiday. I think that has been made worse because of the amount of sleeping I did while I wasn’t well last week. Basically what is happening is I am finding myself with the most energy from 9pm onwards and around 1am I suddenly want to fix ALL the things.

I start back at work on Monday, I can’t be staying up until 2am and waking up at 11am. Tonight I will be forcing myself to go to bed at 11.30pm and setting an alarm for 8am. It will be hard but hopefully it will help come Monday morning.

I have gotten a few things done today, not as much as I’d have liked, but I did get some documents up to date, write a letter that I’m now going to sit on for a day or two before sending, finish a piece of homework, did a little bit of knitting and a bit of batch cooking.

YogurtI would first like to report back about yesterdays yogurt making activity. I hail this a success. It looks a little lumpy there, it was a teeny bit lumpy but I gave it a stir and it is tasty, mostly smooth and lovely! It tastes so fresh. I am looking forward to trying it the frugal way too.

Mashed potato

What you are looking at above is a massive pot of mashed potatoes. Why would I make a massive pot of mashed potatoes? Well, number 1  reason is “I can”. I asked for the large soup pot for Christmas (yup, I’m that person) and the second reason is I had a large amount of potatoes that were looking rather past their best. I decided to make mashed potatoes and have now frozen generous portions. Dinner tonight included cheesy mashed potatoes.

ready for freezingIt’s worth noting that my masher has gone walk-about (after a paper-making “activity” at work) so this was all mashed mostly using just the back of the wooden spoon.

Right, it is getting close to my self-enforced curfew. Time for bed and another day tomorrow!

KT :-)



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