heels and lifelines

Hiya again! Just a quick one today, I have some knitting to get back to before bed, and a cup of tea with my name on it.

Yesterday knit the heels on my current sock project. I did something that I’ve never done in all my knitting career before. I inserted a lifeline at the end of a section before moving on to the next part. For those who don’t know knitting or what a lifeline is: a lifeline is an extra piece of yarn that you thread through the stitches on your needle, that way if you need to do the unthinkable and rip back your knitting you can go back to the point you’ve saved with your lifeline. when you unravel what you’ve done (crying optional) you get to the lifeline and all the little liberated stitches are nicely perched, waiting to be picked back up.

That lifeline felt like defeat. It felt like I had lost trust in myself. And then… then I felt free. I didn’t want to have to go backwards but if I had to, it wasn’t a disaster.

I now have a lifeline placed before the heal and one after. I can now move on to the lace on the leg a little more relaxed. And I might even use more of them later (but knowing me I won’t, and then there will be a moment of crying)

KT :-)

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