Happy 2014

Well, hello and welcome to 2014!

I was suspiciously quiet over the last year. I wish I had a good explanation but I don’t. I was scared I’d be boring and that meant no content. There isn’t much more boring than no content at all! What is even worse than that is my life has not been boring at all. I’d love to be inspirational (to myself if nobody else) and that was what stopped me writing. I didn’t find the foundation-laying inspirational. That was wrong of me.

So here I am, once again crawling back in and asking you to accept me. I will try to be a better blogger again and share some achievements this year. Guess I better go get started on that!

To begin with, current craft project is a pair of two at a time toe up socks.

 sock knitting

Talk to you soon!

KT :-)

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