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Hello again everyone!

It’s been a mixed day. Another day of not getting anything done. I really can’t have another day like this tomorrow.

It has been so wet here that there have been talks of gathering all the animals in pairs… you know, just in case. The crazy weather meant cancelling plans I’d had to go and visit Kersti. That felt rubbish. I’ve been on holiday from work for a couple of weeks now. I go back to work on Monday and thanks to having what I think was the flu and the general stress of Christmas and New Year, I don’t really feel ready to go back yet. Two more days. I hope to make the most of them.

I saw the Man-shape briefly today, I ran him in for an audition. He got the job so that perked me up again.

I also wandered aimlessly round the shops for a little while. I don’t really do that often, I hate shopping as a general rule. Although, I have been known to spend a ridiculous amount of time in supermarkets. During my shopping I bought myself a treat. I am a strange human and to me a treat can be one of two things, something hideously unhealthy and cheap or something that will help me be save money and be healthier at the same time. There isn’t really a mid point with me. I bought myself an Easiyo yogurt maker.

Easiyo yogurt maker

This time I am cheating and using the sachet but in the future I am most likely going to experiment with the frugal way of making yogurt, UHT milk and a yogurt starter. 1kg of yogurt for ~£1. (it would cost more than double for the Tesco own brand equivalent). I will be sure to add a write up of my first cheat batch of yogurt and of course a tutorial of the old school method when I have figured it out too.

I have been having some issues with my digestion for a couple of months now so I am hoping a small dose of healthy bacteria every day will help me a lot. I’ve not been buying yogurt that often because is feels like there is never a decent shelf life on the shop bought stuff and I ended up having to throw a lot away which was just a waste. I am hoping that this is a new chapter in a healthier me.

I also can’t wait for that moment when I use my homemade yogurt to make homemade soda bread to eat with my homemade soup! I don’t enjoy cooking really, I have to force myself to do it. But this is all starting to look scarily like fun. Who the hell am I?!

The other reason for the yogurt maker (other than an unusual way to spend my Christmas money) was to really think about how to stretch my money as far as possible. Making my own yogurt won’t make me a millionaire but it does make me more aware of where my money goes. And it sort of turns it into a game. I like that.

In the last 6 months I have begun the journey (again, properly this time) to pay down any debt I have. I want to have experiences, go on holidays, buy new clothes, not have to settle, and generally to feel free in my life. I personally feel that any debts at all, even cheap debts like my remaining student loan, stop me from doing that. Part of tomorrows plan is to figure out what has already been paid so far, and what bills that might be put off, become debts and cost me more, have been cash-flowed in that time. I will hopefully add more info here about that when I know the numbers.

Till later,

KT :-)

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  1. We go through a lot of yoghurt here with the wee one, but I couldn’t see myself getting one of those. I am from time to time tempted by a soda stream, until I do the math and work out that buying still water to soda stream is no cheaper than buying fizzy water from the off. The bread machine – now that was a good buy!

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