And… We’re back

Hi everyone,

Thanks to an impressive combination of procrastination, disorganisation and busy head syndrome this little site of mine had some downtime (quite a lot of downtime actually). I can assure you that she is now up and about again post coma. I have some major changes to to make here soon if I can only figure out exactly what I want them to be.

I have changes to make in a few areas actually…

Isn’t it funny how when one area of your life clicks firmly into place (I swear it makes an actual noise, you know, like a safe door closing or a cog moving itself into place) other areas have the potential to slip backwards if you don’t keep your eyes on them. For me, I am the luckiest girl in the world. I LOVE MY JOB!! Or should that be “I love my jobs” plural. I have two professional jobs at the moment, I am still interpreting with the additional support needs student who is now in his second year of a foundation course (life skills & experiences) and the department has also asked me to be a lecturer with them, so I am now teaching science and will be teaching forensics to students with learning difficulties. It is a lot of hard work but so much fun.

The teaching has been completely new to me and that has meant I’ve had a steep learning curve and there have been times when my brain has just felt full.

And when my brain is full other things either slide or don’t feel as good. For example, I don’t remember the last time I just went out for drinks with friends without having bought a ticket for something. I’ve barely seen any of my friends at all for weeks and that’s not good. I’m starting to feel a little isolated sometimes. That has the knock on effect of making me clingier than normal in an other wise really good relationship. Times are tricky for both of us in different ways and me being needy is not me being supportive. My money management has slipped back towards the firefighting end of the scale. Thankfully no fires have caught yet but it did cause the website to be down for days, and that was just lack of planning. I don’t like how I look at the moment, this chick needs some work. I look and feel frumpy thanks in no small part to have needed a hair cut for weeks now (my roots are about an inch long.) I’ve just been so wrapped up in not messing up with this new challenge that almost everything else has gone to the dogs. The only down time I’ve given myself has been for knitting where I have two projects on the go at once (unheard of for me).

No more! I have booked myself in for a hair cut tomorrow. That will go a long way to helping me feel better about myself. My lessons have a rough outline right through to the end of the academic year so no more panicking about what we’ll be doing. I am meeting a close friend on Friday for a catch up. I’m letting other things be important again.

Anyway, short and sweet this time. I have some re-organising and sorting out of neglected things to do!

KT. :-)

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