The great hair debacle

It’s been a week since I sneaked back in. This week I’ve been on holiday from the main job at the college (much needed and I’m trying really hard to ignore that being self-employed, this holiday is unpaid). I’ve done lots of playing with my computer getting things all how I want. I’ve been working on the socks and I think I’m close to being done. I dyed my hair (more on that later). Oh, and I turned 30.

Happy birthday to me!

This birthday has been truly weird. I didn’t really have a birthday as such. No big celebrations. It all sort of blew past without fanfare. And that was ok.

It was one of those birthdays with a zero on the end. People usually do one of two things at “big” birthdays in my experience: they either freak out and simultaneously pretend it isn’t happening, or they want to make a big fuss. I suppose I was closer to the first category. I just felt no need for balloons and parties this year. What I do feel the need for is some big changes.

I am ready to push my business forward. I am ready to change my home surroundings. I am ready to let go of all the superfluous things in my home/life and make space for the fresh and new. I am ready to change my wardrobe and appearance. I am ready to rip it up and start again!

I am ready!

This all started with the decision to get a bit more adventurous with my hair. I had decided on a purple shade bought the colour and enlisted my mum (former hair-dresser) to help me apply it.

This was the shade I was going for.

I did not get what I wanted. The colour came out a dark burgundyish colour. Not a big change really. Nobody has even noticed truth be told. I can even see my old colour in places. I know we followed the instructions to the letter.

The next day I tried to call the L’Oreal care line. Here’s a heads up to all people who ever want to contact L’Oreal, you don’t get to speak to someone straight away. You are kept on hold and then when someone answers they take your details for someone to call you back. I was told when I called on Thursday that “it might not be today or tomorrow but someone will call you back maybe Monday or Tuesday…”

That would be nearly a week! Seriously?! Hmmm. I wasn’t happy. I did the only thing I could think to do, I tweeted my complaint publicly. I got a direct response. That response told me to email an address with my twitter handle in the subject line. I was called first thing the following day. The moral of this story? To get results, make the threat of complaint public. I’m actually quite sad that I had to.

I was less than impressed with L’Oreal’s customer service until that phonecall. The phonecall itself, now I was actually speaking to someone, went well. They are going to investigate what could have gone wrong. I’ve to send before and after pictures and when they have investigated further they will decide what action to take. I can’t ask for much more than that.

I’ll follow up with you all later when I get more information.

So, part one of being ready for big changes turned into a fail. But instead of just sighing and saying “oh well” I’m trying to see if it can be salvaged.

And now? I have black bags, and I’m not afraid to use them! I’m sure part 2 will be a doozy!


ps. as inspired by a few other blogs that I follow (and to spur me on with these things)

I am currently listening to “Interview with The Vampire” by Anne Rice. I’ve been listening to this on and off for weeks but I’m nearly done.

I am currently reading “A Guy, A Girl And A Voodoo Monkey Hand” by D.I Jolly and I’m looking forward to posting a review when it is done.

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