The one where I sneak back in

So, I accidentally fell off the planet for a wee bit there.

I haven’t wanted to write this blog for a while. I’ve felt like nobody would be interested in anything I had to say and in spite of being told it didn’t matter who, if anyone, read this; it still mattered to me. So I wrote nothing.

I started to feel like I wasn’t making the huge leaps that other blogs I read make on a near daily basis, so my ramblings would be uninspiring at best, boring at worst. I have not eliminated all debt. I have not redecorated my home from top to bottom. I have not created a whole new wardrobe using only bin bags, lolly sticks and an old pillow case. I have not lost 10lbs or run any marathons.

I have

  • Prepped the walls in my kitchen over a few days in January and then painted them white so they are ready for something more exciting later.
  • Continued crocheting the massive never ending blanket.
  • Learned some new tatting techniques.
  • Devised and written my own tatting pattern.
  • Fought a PPI claim and lost.
  • Started a fight over a class I paid for that turned out not to be what I signed up for at all. I want my money back and I won’t give up on it.
  • Survived my side hussle job going into administration and come out the other side. (job still intact)
  • Continued getting to know the main student that I work with in the day job.
  • Knit my first lace socks. (knit my first lace anything actually)
  • Learned how to knit toe up socks two at a time.
  • Had problems with my hands that are now the subject of an ongoing medical investigation. So far all that has turned up is non-anaemic iron deficiency which has nothing to do with the problems I’m having…

All I can say is I’m sorry that you weren’t able to join me on those journeys. But as I said above, I didn’t think they would be all that interesting to people.

With all the things that have been going on there have been times when I’ve felt ready to throw in the towel. I’ve been down about things and then giddy with ideas and back again. But most of all, my biggest achievement so far has been to keep on keeping on.

This might be the time to let people back in because in a couple of days I turn 30. It’s one of those birthdays that ends in a zero. People tend to make a big deal about them, or freak out. I have chosen to do neither of those things. I have, however, decided that for me, a new life begins at 30. I have big plans. They might get a little drastic but it is all for a good cause: the cause that I set out to achieve with this blog more than a year ago.

The New Plan: Rip It All Up and Start Again!

And if you want to know what that means, stay tuned. I have a feeling things are about to get interesting!


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