End of Year Review

Hi everyone,

I’ve been thinking about this post for a few days now. It hasn’t been an easy year. I’ve lost people I loved, I’ve been without a job for a time, my social life has been sparse. But in a few other ways, it’s not been a terrible year. I have done some good things this year. This wee review is to remind me of what I’ve already achieved and to see where I can build on next. Lets take this one bit at a time,

Creating My future

I started this year with small debts (but no control over my money) and a job I hated. My goals were to get control of my money and establishing a career for myself doing something that I enjoyed.

cookiesOf all the things I set out to achieve, this is the area I have done best in. I survived the job I was ready to leave. I was unemployed for over 3 months. And now? I am self-employed. I am doing a job I enjoy with the qualifications I took years to get. I will call that a win!

As for money? If being self-employed has taught me nothing else, it is that money is for using, and I am in control of it. I have plans in place to pay off my debts (increased again during unemployment) and, give or take this week where I have decided that if I want a drink, or to get something that will make either the man-shape, myself or both of us smile then I’ll get it, the purse strings are under control.

Creating My Home

It started off cluttered, difficult to clean, undecorated and unloved. Now? Well, the clutter has been pared down to manageable levels and continues to decrease. The dream of all my non-furniture stuff fitting in my car still stands! The flat is usually clean if not always tidy and I can clean it relatively quickly and easily. I don’t have a set routine, but currently living alone, I’m not sure I need one.

It still isn’t decorated as such, but that will be easier to achieve with less clutter around and hopefully a little more money later next year. I’d love for this to be a 2013 focus, but I’m not making any promises.

Creating My Network

I have met a couple of new friends this year, I still have the amazing strong “man-shape” in my life. Over all though, this has been the place where I have made least progress.

Why does nobody tell us as children how difficult it is to make new friends as grown-ups?!?!

Where do people meet new friends? Through work? I am self-employed and although I see other people regularly, I am not really part of anyone else’s team. Through clubs and shared interests? Well, I’ve tried that and this year I have met one close friend through a shared love of crafts. Usually though, this doesn’t work for me. I meet people and we get on well, but if I leave the club, orchestra, knit night etc the friendships I made there peter out very quickly. I just don’t have the knack there I guess.

I don’t give up though, next year I hope to put myself out there a bit more and try to make some more local friends… somehow!

Creative Me

I can hardly recognise the creative side of me now! This year I learned how to make tatted lace. I can shuttle tat and needle tat. I recently started working on my own patterns too.


I am still knitting and crocheting when I can and I’m still enjoying all of them.

I have enjoyed going out and taking photos of my surroundings and looking at places with fresh eyes.

dragonflyI find solace in creating things and I am very glad to have that side of me. Long may it continue!

Ok, I’ll leave it there. You know what? I was all set to beat myself up for not doing everything. That would be nuts, cause I did good!

KT :-)

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