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I had a bit of a revelation. Improving my life is not a 1 year project. I’ve been chalking up days like a convict serving time. How completely wrong could I have gotten it? Well, keeping track of the days did serve a purpose in the beginning, it gave me focus and drive. However, as time went by this became less important. The goals were so ingrained tracking every day’s progress became counter productive, the big achievements became little every day things. In short, it became boring. If I was starting to bore myself amongst all the drama of losing loved ones and becoming self employed it must definitely have been getting dull for readers.

The day by day format also made it harder to find specific posts. If I wanted to link something to a page I had to do a lot of searching and that sort of goes against the whole streamlining ethos I was trying to build.

I want to write about more and I was feeling restricted so I wrote bugger all.

It is not a one year project. It’s bigger than that. I am hoping for some changes around here. I don’t want to throw out the whole concept. I like the idea, just not the restrictions and rules. Lets hope my opening things up a bit doesn’t result in this little corner of the interwebs getting neglected again.

So, what day is it?

It’s Today!


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  1. I believe that when you stop growing you stop living. It doesn’t have to be big things, it just means pushing your personal boundaries or learning something new (like how to fix that mstake 12 rows back) or even just perfecting a skill you already have. You’re better equipped to handle whatever life throws at you than you were a year ago and you know what to focus on in order to move forward. There are much funner things to worry about than counting!

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