Day 243 – 244

Day 243 – 244

The Man-shape has moved to a different flat. Thanks to weekday moving, we were on our own for most of this. I met him on Thursday when I finished work and we started filling up my wee car and working our way through boxes and bags of stuff moving everything from one place to the other. It was fun but also a little stressful. There was so much stuff! Neither of us really had any idea how much stuff he had gathered in his 31years I don’t think.

I made a decision during this process: I STILL want to own less stuff than I do. My dream of all my belongings fitting into my car (minus furniture) has been completely solidified.

In fact, my ‘minimalist’ dream has moved on thanks to the experience. I still want to move to America in the not too distant future (within the next 5 years at the outside). I have started going through my belongings again after the moving fun (no sarcasm here, it really was quite fun at times, we laughed a lot, especially in the beginning). So, I want my belongings to continue to be streamlined throughout the rest of this year, more on this later, part of me is now aiming more for everything I own to fit in a big rucksack. (never going to happen…)

As you know if you have been with me from the start, but a catch up for new readers, at the start of the year I had a big clear out of my walk in cupboard. I was getting rid of obvious rubbish, and things I knew easily I didn’t want. I’ve taken part in some swaps on Ravelry to swap things I don’t want for things that I can use. Ok, that one doesn’t always reduce what I have… and I have sold some things on ebay.

So, how am I streamlining now? I am looking at digitising first of all. Looking at things like my uni notes from my interpreting course first. My notes from my chemistry course all went at the start of the year when I made the decision to leave science, it was like the full stop on that chapter and even if I did change my mind again or started to miss chemistry, my uni notes from 2001-2006 would be so out of date as to be useless, I would have to do re-learning and fresh research into current techniques. I know that I need and want my interpreting notes just now but they are in rather a mess. I want to organise them, and digitise them to make them much easier to search through.

I will keep all paper copies just now but later on, when I decide to move I can ditch the paper copies and not lose any information. This is going to be a longish term project but I have started by going through my notes, binning any duplicates and organising by topic. Just doing that I got rid of a whole folder. I know I will have other things that I can digitise but I want to see how this project goes before making any grand plans.

One thing I am also sure I know I don’t want is to end up with a lifetimes worth of digital clutter where nothing is organised and nothing ever gets deleted. Digital clutter might be a focus for next years big project…

So, to get my number of belongings down and reduce potential stresses of any future moves things now have to pass a quick test before they can stay:

  1. Is it in working order?
  2. Do I really like it/love it?
  3. Is it useful?
  4. Would I want to take it to America with me?

If an item ticks at least 3 of those boxes then it is safe. Otherwise? I’m making no promises. I don’t really need so much, Right?!

KT :-)

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