Day 231 – 237

Day 231 to 237

Quiet week. And how glad I am of that! This is the last week before I will find myself working for myself a few days out of each week.

I spent some of the week going back and forth with Disclosure Scotland (the people who do police checks in Scotland). I was given some bad advice from them and that bad advice has cost me an extra £65. I am not impressed. Basically the problem is, their new fancy system that is supposed to cover all people is really not fit for purpose for people who are self-employed. You need an employer to countersign. What the…?? I am planning on making a formal complaint about it. I work for me, I am my boss, I shouldn’t need to have my main client countersign as my employer. Anyway…

My Friday morning was taken up with work. (yay for working!) It was a last minute thing, booked only a day or two before.

All in all, a nice quiet week, with the comfort of knowing that I will be working again from the following week even if it will be a few weeks yet before I start to see money coming in again.

KT :-)

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