Day 224 – 230


Day 224 – 230

This week was so fast. The weekend flew past in a flurry of trying to finish my crochet blanket squares. As of 12th August I was all set to finish and then I ran out of wool with 3 squares to go… Typical! I haven’t got more wool yet and I haven’t started attaching them all yet either but I am still happy with my progress. Laying the squares all out it looks good. The squares that look kind of blue are more purple than they look here and the pinky ones are darker. What do you think?

Tuesday was sign on day as usual but in a nice surprise I had a new person to deal with. For the first time I entered and left that building without feeling I had been totally patronised or humiliated. Very refreshing. Later on Tuesday I went on a run for the first time in months. It was tough but I did it. Thanks to the Nike+ running app I know that I went 3.55km of which I ran 1.5km. I want to try to do this more and get my stamina back up. I know that I always feel better when I am fitter and I feel like can cope with more when I am fitter.

On Wednesday I met the student that I will be working with at the college I was contacted by last week. This is not going to be easy. The student seems to be really nice but he has language issues and seems to struggle to understand a lot of what of people say to him, especially questions. I’m up to the challenge though. Hopefully being in a more independent environment will help him find his own voice a bit.

Thursday was fantastic! The man-shape and I went on a photo walk. He took his camera and I took some shots on my phone. We walked and talked about some of the future project plan ideas we had, about the things we were seeing around us and random topics such as my feelings about the direction my favourite soap (only one I watch) is currently taking. We took photographs of the nature around us and a few of each other.

It threatened to rain a couple of times but we made it to our furthest point along the canal before walking back without incident. And then I said “The rain that threatened before doesn’t seem to have come to anything.”

Famous last words anyone?? Well, you couldn’t have even counted to 10 before the rain started. Not too heavy at first. We were at our furthest point from the car, we stopped to take a seat for a moment knowing that it would be about an hour to walk back even briskly. Then the rain really tipped down!

We got up to start the walk back. Then we saw the lightening and I counted down to the thunder. I counted down to about 8 or 9 and the thunder was pretty loud. A couple of minutes later we had another lightning strike followed by thunder, this time a count of about 5ish, it was getting closer and louder. We picked up pace now completely soaked to the skin, walking so fast to get back. Then another lightning strike and before I could count came the thunder. Right over our heads and the loudest I’ve ever heard. We ran. I’m not sure why we ran, we couldn’t out-run a thunderstorm but I was scared so hand in hand we bolted then went back to a brisk walk back to the car soaking wet. We’d have been drier had we swam the canal to get back to the car!

In spite of the soaking we got It was a fantastic day, it was really fun and different for us to spent our time together doing something more active and outdoorsy. Long may it continue!

Friday wasn’t so adventurous, I did get to spend a bit more time with the man-shape but he wasn’t feeling well so went back to his flat. Things are really busy for him just now, he’s getting ready to move flats again and between that and other projects and things that he has been working on, things are very stressful for him just now. The way time has been working out, although we are still seeing each other we’re not getting to do very many over-nights just now. This was meant to be one but he didn’t want to keep me up all night because he wasn’t well (although I wouldn’t have minded and would have liked the chance to look after him for once – he’s not one for letting people take care of him and would only have accused me of fussing). We’ll get plenty of time for that when this period of stress starts to calm slightly, and we can see where the end point is thankfully. I’ve started to see things working out for the best, I really hope that it’s his turn soon.

KT :-)

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