Day 217 – 223

Day 217 – 223

This week I turned the career corner.

Saturday evening when I finally checked my post something had arrived. I am a registered trainee sign language interpreter! My badge had arrived! Considering the day before I was so low – on hands and knees trying to fix my freezer low as well as emotionally low – this was just the boost I needed.

Monday and Tuesday were taken up with the last polish of the CV, writing of a cover letter and getting the addresses of all the colleges and universities within travelling distance to offer my services as a freelance sign language interpreter/communication support worker.

BSL for thank you

Wednesday I had my first (so far only) phone call and a meeting was arranged for Thursday. All so fast! I also filled out my application for the other job that I mentioned in a previous post – the so-called dream job.

Thursday I had a meeting at a nearby college with a woman who was about as excited as me for me to be there. The college has a Deaf BSL using student starting at the end of August and I have been offered his sole interpreting as a freelancer. I named my price which she thinks is a major bargain, but that is because she has come directly to me rather than going through an agency. Agency fees are insane, I disagree with them quite strongly. What I am being paid by the college is the same or slightly more than the communication support workers they send out would be paid. But it would cost the college double or more. It’s bonkers. So, in short, she thinks she has a bargain, I know it’s perfectly fair.

At this point we agreed, dependant on the student agreeing, that I would work 16 hours a week (it actually works out slightly less in actual hours) plus travel for the college and if she hears of any other colleges requiring an interpreter she would recommend me. We talked about quite the partnership and quite the future between myself and the college. We both have ideas of where this partnership could lead. I’m starting to get excited.


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