Day 202

Day 202

Friday, the day of fast cars and freedom!

Well, the day of a faster car than my usual and pretending I am rich!

As my car is off the road I have borrowed one of my dads. This led to me and the man-shape driving around pretending that we are already rich. The day was drier than the photo above makes it look (It was taken a couple of days ago).

Isn’t it funny how something so silly as driving around in a convertible with the top down can make you feel better (or in my case like a successful business-woman/model/rockstar). It changed my outlook in that moment.

Anyone want one last pic but with the top down? Just me? Too bad, you’re getting another one. (ps. I hope my car doesn’t cost too much to fix because as fun as the MG is to drive, I’m not sure I can insure it…)


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